‘Nursing homes must work efficiently before there is extra money comes’

‘Nursing homes must work efficiently before there is extra money comes’

Photo: Nursing Home Oudshoorn

Less good nursing homes must first be more efficient to go to work, before the politics extra in healthcare investing. That is the conclusion of an investigation by the Dutch healthcare authority (NZa), that later on Friday, is published.

The main administrative and monitoring body of the government in health care will find that there are many nursing homes to a lot of money to managers, and buildings, rather than to the elderly themselves, reports The Volkskrant.

On average, in nursing homes slightly more than half of the money to the care, while almost 30 percent is depreciated for overhead and management. The rest of the budget is destined for subsistence.

“There are large differences between the organisations in these costs,” says NZa-topvrouw Marian Kaljouw. “On average, in good homes a larger part of the money to the care. Other organisations can have these examples to follow.’

The care for the elderly is in the spotlight since last year, a report of the Inspection of Health care appeared, in which a third of the 150 surveyed nursing homes “permanent intensive supervision” was given and the situation in eleven homes as a concern was defined.

Standards of care

Eeder this year stenlde the Zorginstituut the Netherlands standards on which good elderly care should meet. At the request of the ministry of Volksgezonheid examined the NZa how much extra money is needed in order to ensure that nursing homes meet those standards. That shows an amount of 3.1 billion euros.

The NZa, however, thinks that the extra € 3.1 billion “vaporized before it arrives” if the current state of the nursing homes are not first addressed, says Kaljouw. She wants that poorly performing nursing homes in the doctrine to go with well-performing colleagues. This is 1.3 billion euros extra per year.

Kaljouw: “That money is there only if there is improvement. That process can in three, up to five years are completed.”

In the study of the NZa is a lot of attention for the established quality requirements for sufficient personnel on the shop floor. If that’s more time to spend with the residents, the healthcare authority as a gain supplement.

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