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California GOP Rep. Devin Nunes brought a large lawsuit seeks $250 million in damages and $350,000 in damages against Twitter and a handful of its users on Monday, which accused the social media site of the “shadow-banning conservatives”, including itself, to influence the elections in 2018, systematically censored opposing points of view and totally ignore the legitimate complaints of repeated offensive behavior.

In a lawsuit in Virginia state court on Monday, the Fox News, Nunes, said that Twitter was guilty of “knowingly hosting and make money with content that is clearly offensive, hateful and defamatory to both a voice and a financial incentive to create, the defamers and thus facilitates the slander on its platform.”

The lawsuit alleges defamation, conspiracy and negligence, and seeks not only damages but also an injunction is mandatory and Twitter to turn over the identities behind various accounts that he says have harassed and defamed him.

Although Federal law typically provides services such as Twitter libel liability, Nunes’ suit said, the platform has taken such an active role in the curation and the prohibition of content that you defamed should face the liability like any other organization.

“Twitter created and the content is developed, in question, in this case by the conversion of false accusations of criminal acts, misconduct, dishonesty and lack of integrity in a publicly-available product used by unscrupulous political activists and their donors/customers as a weapon,” Nunes ” legal-wrote team. “Twitter is ‘responsible’ for the development of offensive content on its platform, because it promotes, in any way, specifically the development of what is offensive about the content.”

In large part because of Twitter’s actions, Nunes “endure an orchestrated smear campaign of the impressive breadth and scope, that no man should ever wear, and to suffer her whole life” in the past year, according to the complaint.

The complaint, with certain Twitter accounts that allegedly defamatory material about Nunes. One of the defendants, identified as “Liz” Mair, allegedly published tweets, which “implies that Nunes in collaboration with prostitutes and cocaine-addicts, that Nunes is doing cocaine, and that Nunes was involved in a” Russian money laundering,” said Nunes’ lawyers.

The complaint cites a June 22, 2018 tweet by Mair, that implied Nunes invested in a winery, the “allegedly used underage hookers to solicit investments.”

Mair does not respond to Fox News’ request for comment. Fox News has also reached the Twitter for comment on the lawsuit, but did not receive an immediate response. (The complaint seeks joint and several liability, which allows it to recover the plaintiff of one of the accused, and leaves to sort, then the defendant, what each defendant owes.)

The complaint, which also has the name “Devin Nunes’ mom,” “a person with Twitter’s consent, abducted Nunes’ name falsely impersonated Nunes’ mother, and created and maintained a Twitter account (@DevinNunesMom) for the sole purpose of attacking, defaming, disparaging, and degrading Nunes,” according to the complaint.

“In your endless barrage of tweets, Devin Nunes’ mother maliciously attacked, every aspect of Nunes’ character, honesty, integrity, ethics, and fitness to perform his duties as a U.S. Congressman,” Nunes’ lawyers wrote.

As of Monday afternoon, the DevinNunesMom account was blocked by Twitter when Fox News tried to reach him. The complaint stated that “Twitter suspended the account in the year 2019, according to Nunes’ real mother, Toni Dian Nunes, complained. … Twitter allowed @DevinNunesMom, for example, tweet and retweet with impunity in the entire year of 2018.”

However, according to the complaint, “Twitter have nothing to determine or to verify the slander that appeared in the normal view on its platform. Twitter deliberately allowed the defamation of Nunes more” in spite of reports and alleged experiences of Twitter, the content-moderators.


“As part of their agenda to squelch Nunes’ voice distracted him extreme pain and suffering, impact on the 2018 congressional elections, and unsettle and disturb Nunes’ study on corruption and Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential elections, Twitter have done absolutely nothing,” the complaint States.

Another account with the name as a defendant was the “Devin Nunes’ cow”, or @DevinCow, allegedly called Nunes a “treacherous cowpoke” and “udder-ly worthless” criminals. The timing and content of the tweets, according to Nunes’ team, suggested that Mair was together with @DevinCow and @DevinNunesMom accounts.

The complaint also charged that Twitter released the “shadow-banned” Nunes 2018 “to restrict his free speech, and to reinforce the abusive and discriminatory content and re-published by Mair, Devin Nunes’ Mama,” and the other accounts.


“The shadow-ban intention of the complaint was that”. “It was calculated to interfere with and influence the Federal election and interfere with Nunes’ ongoing investigations as a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Twitter actions influenced the election results. The combination of the shadow-ban and Twitter’s refusal to enforce the provisions and rules in the face causing a clear and present abuse and disgusting behaviour to lose Nunes, support among the voters.”

The lawsuit cited numerous media reports, including a Vice News story from last summer, which reported that Twitter had, for a time, played down the visibility of prominent conservatives in the search results.

On Monday, Sean Davis, managing editor of The federalist, wrote that he had.recently, the apparent victim of a form of shadow-banning on Twitter

“Twitter has given me no note or explanation, when it wrote shadow banned one of my Tweets about the Russian interference in our elections,” Davis. “But what is even worse, is how Twitter is apparently for its users to the fraudulent impression that your tweets, the Twitter-bans secretly nor publicly.”

Davis claimed that Twitter “claims in his e-mail to me to remove it accidentally[d] a completely harmless tweet about public congressional testimony, but does not explain why it is on the left of the tweet–and metrics, not engagement–shows visible to me when logged in. Conning users is a bug, or a feature?”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said Joe Rogan podcast earlier this month that the platform was too aggressive in the prohibition of certain accounts.

Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s chief legal officer, said that the company is learning from his mistakes.

“Where do we draw a line to use when people are your voice and your platform, your voice of the silence to someone else on the platform,” Gadde said on the podcast. “It is rare for us to outright ban someone without warning.”

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge contributed to this report.

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