Number of women that die of lung cancer increased

Number of women that die of lung cancer increased

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The number of deaths due to cancer is further decreased. Among women, however, the decline is less substantial than in men by an increase of women who are suffering from lung cancer.

The number of men that die from some form of cancer in less than thirty years, with more than a third decreased. This is because fewer men are lung cancer, or stomach cancer, it appears from the figures that the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) on Friday has brought.

Lung cancer is still the most common type in men who die of cancer. The proportion of men that this died is, however, a piece has become smaller. It declined from 38 percent in the late eighties to 26 percent in 2015.

Since ten years is colon cancer after lung cancer in men the most common form of death from cancer (12 percent). In the past 20 years the proportion of prostate cancer remained stable (11 percent).

Breast cancer is after lung cancer is now the most common type in women, who die from cancer. To 2006 caused breast cancer for the highest mortality.

KWF late know are pleased with the decrease. “The chance for cancer to survive is fortunately growing larger and larger. Where patients in 1948, 25% of people 5 years after diagnosis were alive, now risen to 63%. That is mainly because we are in a better position to earlier the diagnosis.”

“So, We are going forward, but the step-by-step. Smoking still causes around a third of all cancer cases in the Netherlands. In particular, lung cancer among women remains a problem,” said a spokesman.


In 2015 in the Netherlands 69 children (0-14 years) died by cancer. Brain cancer and leukemia were the most victims, says the CBS. Compared to the 2013 and 2014 changed the mortality rate hardly to not. In the earlier years was the mortality rate is a lot higher. In 2006 death of 110 children from the effects of cancer.

In the period 2006 – 2015 death in a total of almost 10,000 children in the Netherlands, of whom 820 cancer patients. Most of them had brain cancer (321 deaths) or leukemia (191 deaths). More boys than girls died in the period of cancer (447 against 373). Leukemia and lymphoma come one and a half times more common in boys.

Cancer last year, was responsible for 8.6 percent of the deaths among children. In the age group 2-11 years, cancer is the leading cause of death. Every year, between 500 and 550 children and cancer, there are 800 under active treatment, according to the CBS.

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