Number of observed cases of measles in the US continues to rise

The number of observed cases of measles in the United States continues to rise. In a week’s time, there are 41 new infections were detected.

The American centre for disease control and prevention (CDC) in seven days, an increase of 4.9 per cent of the number of infections observed.

The outbreak in the United States now spread over 24 states, now to Oklahoma.

According to a spokesperson of the CDC, most of the new infections observed in New York. There were 21 new cases were identified.

Record number of infections in the U.S.

In april of this year there was a record number of infections measured. The old record was 667 cases in 2014, when under the strict religious amish in Ohio. Also now the most besmettingsgevallen discovered in communities with low vaccination coverage.

The resurgence of infectious disease is mainly due to outbreaks in densely-populated cities such as New York and Washington, according to a statement from the CDC. Moreover, the growing distrust of parents to vaccinate their children wearing it.

Measles were in 2000, if abandoned registered in the United States, mainly due to the high coverage of the vaccine against the disease. The last few years that the coverage ratio, however, decreased under the influence of so-called ‘antivaxxers’, people who have their children not be vaccinated.


Why a high vaccination coverage is essential

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