Number of non-smoking school grounds, take slowly

The number of non-smoking school grounds will increase over time, reports the ministry of Health Wednesday. By August 2020 subject to a complete smoking ban in all educational institutions in the Netherlands.

The Mulier Institute has been commissioned by the ministry of Health investigated the number of non-educational institutions in the country.

It emerges that at the end of last year, a full smoking ban was on the grounds of 80 per cent of the primary schools, 62 percent of secondary schools and 14 per cent of mbo institutions.

According to the researchers, the situation in primary education has remained unchanged since the measurements of 2015 and 2016. The number of non-smoking in secondary schools is 9 percent.

Mbo institutions an increase of 8 percent, according to research. Most of the mbo settings are just like the earlier measurements, partially non-smoking. It goes again to 80 percent.

Secretary of state, called the figures ‘disappointing’

Paul Blokhuis, secretary of state for Health, called the figures “disappointing”, because school grounds as of August 1, throughout. The smoking ban also applies to colleges and universities.

Blokhuis suggests that additional measures are needed to achieve this goal. At this time, the smoking ban, which will be maintained by the Dutch Food and consumer product safety Authority (NVWA) , developed further.


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