Number of kankerdiagnoses is increasing rapidly due to aging and population growth

The annual number of people in whom cancer is found, is in thirty years is doubled. In the past year were 116.000 Dutch this message, report researchers Sunday on the eve of world cancer day.

The increase is mainly due to the growth of the population and the rising number of elderly people. Among the elderly is relatively more common cancer.

Independently of these developments is skin cancer nowadays additional often as a result of sunbathing and use of tanning beds. A melanoma last year, more than seven thousand times established, and a squamous cell carcinoma almost fourteen thousand times. Also by raising more awareness are melanomas more frequently identified.

Cancer remains the number one cause of death in the Netherlands, say experts. Breast cancer is the most frequently found form in women (15,000 new diagnoses in 2018), and prostate cancer in men (12,500 new cases). Bowel and lung cancer follow in the ranking, with respectively fourteen thousand and more than thirteen thousand new patients.

Two-thirds of the cancer patients are alive after five years

Now lives on 64 percent of the affected people five years after diagnosis. Patients with lung cancer have worse prognoses than patients with other common forms: after five years alive, 19 percent of these patients. Also, patients with ovarian cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer have less good chances of healing.

About 800,000 Dutch people live in this time with or after cancer. Also many people who are healed, still encounter consequences: fatigue, anxiety for a return of the cancer, and emotional or relational problems. Therefore, there is this world cancer day attention for “late effects after cancer”. Research commissioned by the DUTCH Cancer society revealed that 86 percent of the (ex-)cancer patients, one or more of these complaints.

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