Number of handletsels by fireworks drops to 33

Number of handletsels by fireworks drops to 33

The number of people that because of vuurwerkverwondingen to the hands to the plastic surgeon had to, this year has dropped. These specialists ended up 33 vuurwerkslachtoffers on the treatment table, against 52 last year and 69 the year before.

The Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery (NVPC) said Tuesday that the policy omrent (wrong) vuurwerkgebruik seems to work. The association will wait, however, because the number of victims until the end of January can rise.

Also this year, illegal fireworks for heavy hand injury. About two-thirds of the 33 injuries was due. In addition, there were many young victims: almost half of them are under the age of eighteen. In total, over the past few days 25 fingers amputated.

Of the 33 victims were 28 of the fireworks themselves chipped, five times it went to a bystander. The most vuurwerkletsels come by knalvuurwerk, only six times was siervuurwerk the cause.

More vuurwerkslachtoffers to the Rotterdam eye Hospital

Less victims

It has already been brought out that the Dutch Association for Traumachirurgie (N / a) this year, more than thirty victims less reported than the new year of 2015 to 2016. The people who came in with injuries had more severe injuries.

This year, patients with open fractures, severe burns and amputations. Also had a few patients heavy aangezichtsletsel and a few patients schedelhersenletsel.

Also, there were more people with serious vuurwerkletsels to the eye reported by the eye Hospital in Rotterdam. There were fourteen victims inside, last year there were twelve.

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