‘Number of foreign tourists in the Netherlands will grow again in 2017’

‘Number of foreign tourists in the Netherlands will grow again in 2017’


The number of foreign tourists that the Netherlands is visiting is sitting in the elevator. According to the Dutch Bureau for Tourism & Congresses (NBTC Holland Marketing) grows, their number in 2017, probably with a 3 percent to 16.2 million.

Last year there were already about 15.7 million tourists to our country, which is 5 percent more than in 2015.

The netherlands has especially in the neighbouring countries, gained in popularity. So there came, in 2016, with a total of over 4.5 million, approximately 7 percent more Germans. The belgians were, with a thick 2.1 million, 8 percent more and more numerous from the United Kingdom were more than 2 million visitors, which represents an increase of 8 percent.

Also the growth from the United States move firmly due to: nearly 1.2 million Americans visited our country in 2016. That is 15 percent more than a year earlier, according to the NBTC, partly inspired by the recovering economy and the cheaper euro.

Japanese tourists

By the terrorist threat in Europe came there in 2016, or less Japanese tourists to the Netherlands. The number of visitors from the Asian country fell by almost a quarter back. Japanese are “relatively more risk aversive,” according to the NBTC.

Further, the Netherlands for the first time in years, less the Chinese (min 15%). That is because, for Chinese people more difficult is has become to obtain a visa for Schengen countries.


The russians and the Brazilians were, respectively, 19 and 30 percent less spotted. This mainly has to do with the economic problems in their own country.

The growth of the neighbouring countries and the United States will be in 2017 is likely to continue, predicts the NBTC. From Asia is also expected to grow: so will the visit from China after the decline in 2016, increase by 10 percent. Also in regard to Indonesia (plus 10 percent) and India (plus 15 percent), the outlook is favourable. The number of visitors from Japan will probably stabilize.

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