‘Number of elderly people that died by fall rises sharply’

‘Number of elderly people that died by fall rises sharply’

In ten years time, the number of elderly people that died of the consequences of a fall is doubled, according to research by the Central Bureau for Statistics, in order of Allegiance.

Last year came 3.267 people 65 years and older to live through the consequences of a fall. That number is 32 percent higher than in 2010 and twice as high as in 2005.

Centre of excellence VeiligheidNL expects that number up to 2030, with 77 percent increase, reports Trouw. “Falling is the most common cause of injury by accidents in the elderly”, says Saskia Kloet, of VeiligheidNL.

According to VeiligheidNL were the costs incurred by the fall in 2014 to 810 million euros. In 2030, that amount may have increased to 1.3 billion euros.


An explanation for the rising number of is the fact that the Dutch are getting older, but other factors also play a role, say health experts in Faith.

So would the elderly by changing laws longer have to stay at home to live, what risks that entails. Also life older people and those who are longer with diseases and the possible side effects of drugs against those diseases, says the head of the department of geriatrics of the AMC in Amsterdam, Nathalie van der Velde, to the newspaper.


“Fall can be a result of a disease, for example lung or urinary infection. It can also be a side effect of medications, such as sleeping pills or antidepressants. Pills may greatly influence, or for fluctuations in the blood pressure worries. Get up can suddenly be less easy go.” Another cause might be self-overestimation by older people, ” she says.

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