Number of deaths of the Bahamas is again increased to 70 000 people are quickly in need of help

Storm Dorian has come to an End now, at least, twenty lives of people being supported. Be sure to 70,000 Bahamanen have the right help after a hurricane in the islands for a lot of damage, and has caused the minister of Health, Mr Sands Wednesday evening (local time) announced, in a conversation with the American media.

The United Nations is saying that those people’s right to clean drinking water, food, medicine and shelter are needed. The Bahamas are living up to 400,000 people.

The united nations has a $ 1 million (about 900,000 euros) will be released for emergency aid in the country. The storm on Wednesday completely withdrew from the islands, in which the consequences are still to be seen. The water in some places in the Bahamas are still very high; in some of the houses are completely under water.

Eye-witnesses in the Final report that the people in the ruins of their home to look, and standing in line for food. In the flooded areas, and people on the roofs of their houses are seen all the time to help me. The Red Cross is concerned that at least thirteen thousand houses are destroyed.

“We’re in the middle of one of the most serious crises ever seen in our country, and we expect to see more deaths,” said prime minister Hubert Minnis.


Aircraft, films, havoc on the Bahamas, in the wake of hurricane Dorian

Hotel and again a hurricane of the third category

Dorian was one of the worst hurricanes that has ever been seen, and it was weakened into a tropical storm in the latter category, but it is now back in force, and it is now a hurricane of the third category. He is in the states of Florida and Georgia, have already passed, and of course, currently off the coast of South Carolina.

Meteorologists feared that the increase in strength, as a Dorian over hot water. It is expected that the storm was over on Thursday, along with the U.s. coast will have to shave it and be there for the fierce gusts of wind and rainfall will make.

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