Number of deaths by politiestaking in Brazil continues to rise

Number of deaths by politiestaking in Brazil continues to rise

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Due to the strike of the police in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo are already more than one hundred and twenty deaths. Brazilian authorities are now the striking police officers to prosecute.

The Brazilian federal government has more troops to control the situation in the state under control. It’s been more than a week quite chaotic in Espírito Santo due to the police strike for higher pay. Also, they would not be paid. Espírito Santo and other states have to deal with budgetary problems.

By the politiestaking there is a power vacuum arise. There is in the Brazilian state of reported robberies, attacks, and looting. Also is the violence between rival drug gangs has escalated. The number of casualties up to now is already six times higher than the total number of homicides in 2016 was committed in the state.

Dozens of deaths by violence during politiestaking in Brazil


The Brazilian president Temer has said hundreds of soldiers and federal police officers to the area to send. In total wants to be the president at the weekend about three thousand troops in the area to restore order.

The government has announced against at least seven policemen on charges of rebellion for to prepare.

All public facilities, such as schools and public transportation, are closed in Espírito Santo.

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