‘Number of cases of pancreatic cancer are higher than from registratiecijfers shows’

‘Number of cases of pancreatic cancer are higher than from registratiecijfers shows’

The incidence of pancreatic cancer is located in the Netherlands may be higher than from the registratiecijfers. That, say researchers from the Erasmus MC in the European Journal of Cancer.

Also in other European countries such as Belgium, Iceland and Sweden, the recorded incidence is lower than the actual reported mortality of pancreatic cancer. One explanation could be that the cause of death is incorrectly recorded or the actual incidence is under-reported.

It is, according to the researchers assumed that in older patients faster and faster, aside from further diagnostics, because there is a poor prognosis or poor clinical condition.

Professor Casper van Eijck, who had for years been doing research into pancreatic cancer, and a large research of the Erasmus MC leads, claims that several recent articles show that in the Netherlands more people die of pancreatic cancer than from breast cancer. Currently die every day more than eight people to pancreatic cancer, in 2014 died 2.682 people to the disease, according to figures from the IKNL. But that is according to the study, is still an underestimation.

“In addition, it is expected that in 2020 after lung cancer has the highest mortality to pancreatic cancer,” says Van Eijck. According to him, that, especially since other forms of cancer much easier to treat and the earlier and more frequently to be discovered. “Generally develops pancreatic cancer itself very quickly, and that means that you are almost there – you might say – always too late.”

New form of therapy

At this time is chemotherapy, in most cases, used for pancreatic cancer to treat. “The chemotherapy slows down the disease process in some patients, but it is not that chemotherapy the disease also cures it,” says van Eijck, who, together with the UMCL and AMC are doing research for treatments with immunotherapy in combination with virotherapie.

Because cancers your immune system off, explains Van Eijck, this new form tried to the immune system to activate. The virotherapie means that genetically engineered viruses in be put against malignant tumor cells. “One of the most important characteristics of tumor cells is that viruses very easily can continue to share in the tumor cells, while in normal cells your immune system able to eliminate the virus from the cell to fend off. But a tumor can’t do that so the virus continues to multiply.”

With the Foundation of Survival With Pancreatic cancer is Van Eijck the action Support Casper started to raise money for the research. “In a year’s time until now, 1.5 million euros were collected, primarily by patients and relatives”, says Van Eijck. Meanwhile, research continues with steps forward and that is according to the surgeon is also necessary, because the survival rate is currently only between 3 and 7 percent.

Saturday 4 February is world cancer day, where in the world is dealt with the disease. Also in the Netherlands, a number of activities organised, including a charity evening, inloophuis or information.

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