Number of births in China rise after releasing eenkindpolitiek

Number of births in China rise after releasing eenkindpolitiek

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In the first year after the Chinese government eenkindpolitiek has been released, the number of births by about 8 percent.

In 2016, according to the Chinese government more than 17.8 million children born in the country, reports AP.

The number of births in 2016 means an increase of more than 1.3 million compared to the year before, when the eenkindpolitiek still was in effect. Most of the children who were born in the Asian country, came to the world to parents who already have a child.

China carried out the eenkindpolitiek the end of the seventies to the rapid population growth to a halt. Although this policy is now being slowly released, it is not so that all the families in China as more children can get. Only in certain cases, people may have a second child, for example, when the first child is a girl.

According to the Chinese government, many people themselves also reluctant to raise a second child, because the inhabitants of China are burdened with rising cost of living.

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