NUcheckt: Why there is no evidence that tape against hay fever works check daily posts on reliability. Assertion: “Tape reduces hooikoortsklachten.”

Opinion: unlikely

On February 22, interviewed the AD a physiotherapist taping as a treatment of hooikoortsklachten offers. After two or three tapes, you would, according to this physical therapist for the rest of the season your hayfever off.

A time search on Google indicates that at least twenty physiotherapists in the Netherlands taped against hay fever offer. In the piece of the AD was also, however, that there is no scientific evidence for it. How about taping, it can help against hay fever?

Where does it come from?

It is not clear who thought of that tape against hay fever could help.

A major provider of tape against hay fever and courses “medical taping” in the Netherlands, is the company Fysiotape. According to the website of this company helps tape is indeed possible against hay fever, but also against stomach disorders, menstrual problems and symptoms in COPD. Tape against hay fever is usually in strips affixed to the back, but also on the chest area to be pasted.

Fysiotape writes that from a private survey shows that 84 percent of people with hay fever after treatment with tape less experience symptoms. In this inventory were a total of 286 people were investigated. Fysiotape itself says that, on the basis of this inventory, no scientific claim can be made. The number of participants was too small, and moreover, there was no placebo group. It is possible that a large portion of the participants even without the tape a reduction of the symptoms had experienced.

Is it true?

A major provider of tape against hay fever indicates that the treatment has not been proved. What’s the opinion of experts from medical tape?

Letty de Weger is hooikoortsdeskundige at the Leiden University Medical Centre. She tells us that there is indeed no scientific publications exist about medical taping. In addition, noticed the Scales on that in the inventory of Fysiotape participants in addition to the tape, sometimes also hooikoortsmedicatie used. “Because of this, it is completely unclear whether the found reduction of complaints by the tape was caused. I would tape not recommend it to people who suffer from hay fever.”

Also, Wytske Fokkens, professor of Throat-, Nose -, and Oto of the Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC) says that there is no evidence that medical tape helps against hay fever. “On theoretical grounds seem to me stiff, that it works and there is no properly conducted research to medical taping. It seems to me very unlikely that medical tape helps against hay fever.”

Arnold van Vliet, hooikoortsdeskundige of Wageningen University said on Wednesday in the ochtendpodcast of also that he has no evidence for taping against hay fever. Raymond Ostelo, professor of Evidence Based Physiotherapy, told that there in the scientific literature, nothing about taping against hay fever is known.

Factchecker Nieuwscheckers of the University of Leiden found here last year, no evidence for the efficacy of taping against hay fever.

What helps against hay fever?

Experts therefore agree that tape is no proven treatment against hay fever. But what can you do if you suffer from hay fever? The Weger explains that if you suffer from hay fever, it is wise to go to the doctor. “Medication can symptoms reduce.”

This is also the most important advice of Fokkens. “Go to your gp if you suffer from hay fever. You can visit to the doctor prepare in advance for a diary to keep track of about when you hooikoortsklachten have and how much they are. If you search for ” allergy diary, you can also find various apps that can help you with that. A diary will help the doctor immensely in determining the right medication.”

In addition, it recommends Fokkens to especially going back to your doctor if the medicine prescribed to you be ineffective. “For most people, it is possible to, if they have the correct medication, not to suffer from hay fever.”

What can you do at home?

There are, according to the Weigher also different things that you can immediately do to be less bothered by hay fever. “Wear sunglasses can help prevent pollen in your eyes. It is wise to physical exercise limit, when there is lots of pollen in the air. If you really want to exercise, you can this is the best on the coast. Here, the air is often cleaner.”

“Try on sunny days with lots of pollen you laundry also not out to dry, and your hair, to wash, to prevent pollen while sleeping on your pillow will arrive”


There is no properly conducted research that indicates that medical tape may be able to help against hay fever. Also, it is theoretically not likely that tape has influence on hooikoortsklachten.

For these reasons, we evaluate the statement, “tape reduces hooikoortsklachten” as unlikely. wrote earlier that woodlice eat, kiss and gin-tonics drink does not help against hay fever.

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