NUcheckt: Why it does not matter whether you are pre or post-workout breakfast check daily for posts at the level of reliability. Myth: “You get more when you exercise on an empty stomach.”

Verdict: unproven

“You’ll fall down faster when you exercise on an empty stomach?” This question was the title of an article by well-Informed Circles, on the 23rd of may. According to this site, there is a small British study suggests that do not eat breakfast before working out will lead to additional weight loss. But to say you are really extra movement without a breakfast?

Where does it come from?

The story is that exercising on an empty stomach is good for the line, it is not a new one. In 2012 and again In 2017 and has been in the media as a Gezondheidsnet and Esquire magazine reported that more fat is burned when you are without breakfast and go to the gym.

The research, which well-Informed Circles, it is referring to is on the 10 of april of this year. It was not tested to see what sports are breakfast fat loss do it. There was, however, looking at the impact of that exercise on an empty stomach for the remainder of the day at the appetite.

What is there to study?

Twelve healthy men of about 25 years of age participated in this study, lasting three days. On one of the beds, ate in the participants granenontbijt and then they have an hour, had to cycle on an exercise bike. On any other morning, and they were able to eat the same breakfast, but to have them then not to cycle. On any other morning of the trip they are having to eat breakfast.

After each day of testing and had lunch with the participants of the lab, where they were allowed to eat it if they wanted to. Also, they were given a food parcel with snacks, and evening meals, which they’re as much as allowed to eat when they wanted, and that she’s all that, she hadn’t eaten, and again returned to the researchers in the field.

The results showed that the men who take their breakfast and had to skip the rest of the day is not fully compensated for by eating. Because of this, it was, compared to most of the day, however, was to stay there for a week, in a greater proportion of energy to burn then there was the food, which, in theory, be good for the brand.

So, do you not have breakfast before the workout?

Jan-Willem van Dijk, a professor and researcher in Sport and Nutrition at the University of applied sciences of Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN), tells the story of it remains to be seen is whether or not you can actually lose weight by working out on an empty stomach.

“In the Uk, the research it was we skipped it, as I suspect that a lot of people are, in practice, post-workout, on an empty stomach, a breakfast will follow when they are hungry, and a few hours later you will have lunch. In this case, it is not to be expected that those who exercise before breakfast to reduce the calories in their diet.”

In addition, it tells the story Of Dike, which is in the study, only a relatively short period of time of 24 hours, it is looking at the effects of skipping breakfast. “I expect that when people take a long time, skipping breakfast, they will eventually have to make more to compensate for the difference between the known and the door is smaller it will be.”

Will you, or more, of fat?

Van Dijk says that it is true that exercising prior to breakfast, to the fat burning process is stimulated. To eat, your blood sugar level, and insulineniveau later. “A high-sugar and high-insulineniveau slows down the fat burning process and helps to ensure that you the carbohydrates to burn. Exercising without a breakfast, which is a low-sugar and low-insulineniveau, making sure that you’re in a relationship for more fat burning.”

“If you exercise regularly without breakfast, your body will also adapt to you as you workout the easier the energy out of the fat. So, it stimulates to move without breakfast, so burning fat during your workout.”

“Exercising without a breakfast, which stimulates the fat burning process during your workout”
Jan-Willem van Dijk, a researcher at the HAN

However, according to Van Dijk, this does not automatically mean that exercising is no breakfast for fat loss care of it. “If you exercise before eating, you can have the energy that you don’t have to be stored as fat. If exercising on an empty stomach, all have an effect on fat loss, it will most likely be a very small effect.”

You will have plenty of energy, without the door to exercise?

But it is actually a bad idea for we had to exercise? Have you run out of food behind them, however, have sufficient energy to effectively workout? Van Dijk says that it is not a problem to have it on a empty stomach, workout, and unless you’re an extreme endurance sport will do. “Your body always has sufficient energy for such an hour, to an hour and a half of intense exercise. So, if you just have a round of cycling or running for your health, it doesn’t matter that you don’t have anything to eat.”


It is also possible that exercise before breakfast will help you be a little more or eat a little more fat to lose, but at this moment there is not enough evidence to support it. Thus, it is not clear whether the results of a British study that in well-Informed Circles stated also to apply in practice.

For this reason, we will assess the following statement: “You will fall to your sport, and in an empty stomach,”as unproven.

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