NUcheckt: Why is a high cholesterol levels in the risk of cardiovascular disease increases check daily for posts at the level of reliability. Myth: “high cholesterol significantly increases the risk of heart disease is not at all.”

Verdict: false

Several agencies, such as the heart foundation and the netherlands Nutrition centre, to warn us about high cholesterol levels. Nevertheless, it claimed that the website is Energetic and Women in the Academy recently, a high-cholesterol not bad for you. In a piece from June 7, is an increase cholesterol and the risk of coronary heart disease do not increase, and even the risk of death is reduced. On the same day, on the Facebook page, and Live Intentionally is a stretch for you that there is no correlation between cholesterol levels and coronary heart disease.

Scientists have put in that the claims of the Living, Aware, and Energetic Women of the Academy must be false, and that it is proven beyond doubt that high cholesterol and the risk of heart disease increases.

What is cholesterol?

What is true of the pieces from the Alive, Aware, and Energetic Women in the Academy, that is in the body, cholesterol is needed.

Niels Riksen, professor of Vascular Medicine, Radboud UNIVERSITY medical centre, places of that is the biggest part of the cholesterol in the body by the liver which is produced. In addition, it could also be your diet can affect your cholesterol levels.

Frank Visseren, professor of Vascular Medicine at the UNIVERSITY medical center Utrecht, Utrecht, says that cholesterol is a raw material for many hormones. “Also, cholesterol is used for the transport of certain vitamins in the body, and it is a part of the outer surface of all human cells.”

What is LDL and HDL?

The man, therefore, cholesterol is needed. Nevertheless, it will be in the health advice warned of the ” bad ” (LDL) cholesterol levels, and would be HDL, cholesterol correct, however, to be good. What is the meaning of LDL and HDL?

Riksen, explains that cholesterol is a fatty substance that does not dissolve in the blood. “For cholesterol, through the bloodstream, to be transported, are small balls made out of consist of fat and protein in the blood can be transported. These spheres are, for example, LDL or HDL levels.”

Visseren, explains that the level of HDL-balls of cholesterol opslobberen in areas where it is not needed, and then take it to the liver to be disposed of. “Because the level of HDL-cholesterol, the excess cholesterol, clean up, this is the good cholesterol is called.”

“(LDL) cholesterol, does the opposite. Cholesterol in the liver by the body and transported to where it is needed, such as the organs in the body. This is the unhealthy type of cholesterol is called. This is because if there are too many of this type of cholesterol in the blood is in the arteries going to sit, and where the risk of developing heart disease is increased.”

LDL-cholesterol increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

Riksen, explains that LDL-cholesterol has previously been in the walls of the vessel if there is little damage to the artery wall caused, for example, by smoking, or high blood pressure. “Low-density particles, this can make it easier for the wall to come. Cholesterol levels in the bloedwand leads to an inflammatory response, which ultimately can cause a build up on the inside of the artery wall. This build-up is called plaque. Due to plaques constrict the arteries, known as atherosclerosis. The narrowing of the bloedvaatwand for heart care. The more LDL-cholesterol level, the more quickly this process is going to take place.”

Visseren, explains that the plaques are dangerous because they will be able to get the bloedwand. “If a plaque comes loose, it may be a clot forming and having a stroke or a heart attack may cause.”

If so, what evidence is there that high cholesterol is bad?

Both Visseren, as Riksen says that it is proven that an elevated LDL-cholesterol levels and the risk of coronary heart disease is increased. “We know from many research studies in a variety of places in the world, that is, the higher the LDL cholesterol level, the greater the risk of heart disease,” says Riksen.

Visseren tells us that a person’s cholesterol levels are partly genetically determined. “In the study with this genetic pre-disposition is taken into account, we find that people who have a greater tendency to have a high cholesterol level also have a really more common and heart disease into the world.” Riksen says that about one out of every two hundred Dutch people have a genetic defect so that they can have a a lot higher cholesterol levels of. “These people have a much higher risk of developing heart disease.”

In addition, it will tell Visseren, and Riksen from medicijnonderzoek it appears that the risk of coronary heart disease decreases when the cholesterol level is lowered.

Smoking and high blood pressure can increase the risk of heart disease

An elevated LDL cholesterol increases the risks of heart diseases and cancer. This is not the only factor contributing to the risk of heart disease increases, even that of smoking and high blood pressure, we know that the probability of this type of disease is increased.

Visseren, explains that smoking is even more harmful because of the amount of “good” HDL-cholesterol level in the body decreases. The level of your cholesterol levels is to some extent genetically determined, yet in accordance with Visseren help you with the right diet, a healthy weight, and exercise also lower the cholesterol levels.


Out of many years of research show that an elevated cholesterol level, the risk of heart disease increases. The mechanism behind this is well-known. Too much LDL-cholesterol also increased the chance of atherosclerosis.

We will review with the statement “high cholesterol significantly increases the risk of heart disease, not” to be false.

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