NUcheckt: Why can’t the flu from the flu shot check the messages on the reliability. Myth: “The flu vaccine can the flu virus cause.”

Verdict: false

A lot of people in the netherlands have, in the past two months, the flu shot is received. However, about half of the people who are sent an invitation to have the flu shot get, get this one. Research has shown that fear of side-effects can sometimes have a role to play when it is not protected. If you do not feel good after having a flu shot, and it is even said that the flu shot is the flu, you can get it, but is it really?

Where does it come from?

The idea is that you get the flu shot get sick it may be, seems to be widespread. In several recent Facebook posts people write, that they’re not a flu shot, because they fall ill could have been because of the flu shot. An alternative gezondheidswebsites, such as Ninefornews wrote four years ago that the influenza vaccine, the number of flu cases could double in size. Research conducted in the united states in 2015, demonstrated that 43 percent of Americans, at least in part from the belief that the flu vaccine is the flu.

Rene Héman, the chairman of the artsenfederatie KNMG, told in november of this year, the Medical Contact, and that even doctors sometimes say prefer not to flu shot out of fear of this illness can be. Héman in the article is that the scientists agree on is that the flu shot not the flu you can get.

What are the side effects of the flu shot?

The institute for public health, writes on the web site, that you have a flu shot what is the pain, redness, or mild swelling, it can get to the site of the injection. In addition to feeling some of the people, according to the institute for public health and are less comfortable in the days following the flu shot. According to the bijwerkingencentrum Lareb, which captures the side effects that are reported to be in end of 2018, the most commonly reported side effects are inflammatory reactions at the puncture site, in addition, also include fever, fatigue, head and muscle aches have been reported. According to the Lareb in 2018, with no new or alarming side effects of the flu shot.

In a study conducted in 2000, which is half of the more than a thousand adult participants, and the flu shot, and the other half with a punch without the active ingredient, it was found that the participants who are in the flu shot they received only more of a sore arm, did. The other side effects, such as fever and headache were just as common in the group that an injection had no active ingredient.

Which arise as side-effects?

A spokesman for the GOVERNMENT says that the side-effects caused by the vaccine, the immune system is activated. “In particular, young children who have never been in contact with the flu virus can occur after the flu shot, temporarily don’t feel well.”

The BOOK explains that in any given flu season, several different variants of the flu virus to the flu concerns. The current flu vaccine, there are four different variants of the flu virus. These variations are expected to be the most likely to come during the upcoming flu season. Against these variations, it protects the vaccine, the flu vaccine doesn’t protect against the flu.” Therefore, it is possible to order the flu shot after the flu is to get.

Why you do not get the flu from the flu shot?

According to the GOVERNMENT, it is impossible to get flu from the flu vaccine. The influenza virus in the vaccine is dead and can not get a yeast infection is a worry. Also, among others, the British health service, the NHS and the Us Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, wrote that it would be impossible to get the flu from the flu vaccine, as the virus strains in the vaccine is inactivated, or dead, the.

What about the study that said that the flu vaccine before the flu causes?

What about the research that Ninefornews referred to? There is evidence that people with the flu have been more likely with the flu, get it? The research on which this site has reported, it appears to be about the regular seasonal flu, but the Swine flu. The Swine flu has made its breakthrough in the 2009 all over the world. This influenza virus was so prevalent that it’s normal griepvaccinaties here are not against helping.

In Canada, evidence was found that people who have a normal to seizoensgriepvaccin had been given a better chance to have the Swine flu. For this study, referred to Ninefornews. In another Canadian study, in 2012, it was published, it didn’t seem to have any connection between the influenza vaccination and the risk for the Swine flu to get it.

Even if vaccinated, people in Canada and, indeed, more common with the Swine flu, then this does not automatically mean that the vaccine was the cause of the increased risk, as were people who have a flu and have received for some other reason, have a higher risk for Swine flu, for example, because the vaccinated people might, on average, are older or have more health problems.


As such, René Héman to already be in the Medical Contact with said cell may be any the flu can cause. It is injected with the flu virus is dead and cannot cause infection. However, it is possible for you to to the influenza vaccine be temporarily a little less uncomfortable.

The statement “the flu vaccine the flu can cause,” we will assess it as false.

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