NUcheckt: Why brushing your teeth with fluoride health not harm check daily posts on reliability. Myth: “brushing Teeth with a fluoridetandpasta is harmful to the human body.”

Assessment: largely untrue

On January 15 placed Healthwatch an alarming message on Facebook. Fluoride might be poison, while fluoride is in almost all toothpastes. But is fluoride really that dangerous and we would so our teeth need to go brush with special fluoridevrije toothpastes?

Where does it come from?

In the Facebook post of Healthwatch is a link to an article on their website. In this piece, state that fluoride is bad for the nervous system, cancer can cause and would have a negative impact on the development of children. In addition, there would be, according to Healthwatch insufficient evidence that fluoride actually helps to prevent tooth decay.

Also the website Ninefornews set in 2017, in an article which stated that fluoride is toxic and the IQ of children will decrease.

Is it true?

Cor van Loveren, a retired professor of preventive dentistry at the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam, explains to why we actually fluoride use. “It is quite clear that fluoride is a tremendous protection against cavities. Before fluoride was used in the Netherlands to have children on their fifth, on average, eighteen holes, now there are about three.”

How does fluoride? Van Loveren, explains that the mineral calcium is an important part of the tooth. Calcium can by acids in the mouth from sugars are formed, to solve. This causes holes. “In the presence of fluoride dissolves calcium much less quickly.”

Risks of high dose of fluoride

Fluoride can, therefore, help prevent cavities, but is it dangerous? Van Loveren explains that this depends on the dose.

“If you’re in one time too much fluoride is ingested, then this may start to bind to the calcium in the blood. Calcium is for many processes in the body are very important, such as the contraction of muscles. If calcium is bound to fluoride, then it can not by the muscles used to be,” says Van Loveren.

“If someone has a huge dose of fluoride has ingested, for example, as a toddler at one time, the whole tube of toothpaste from his parents opsnoept, this can therefore lead to a temporary shortage of calcium, which can be dangerous. Temporary admission in the hospital is required to the amount of calcium in the blood check and, if required by infusion to fill.”

“In addition, we see in countries where fluoride occurs naturally in relatively large amounts in the drinking water prevents, that also is a chronic much fluoride ingestion can have a negative impact. The first effect of regular water with too much fluoride to drinking, is that the developing teeth of children, which is more porous. This ensures, in the first instance, for optically whiter teeth, but can later understand to make sure that the teeth faster dyes.”

Loveren says that if there is too much fluoride in the water, this also may have an effect on the bones and joints. “Children in these areas have, for example, more X or O-legs.”

The research Ninefornews and Healthwatch to refer to, that would demonstrate that fluoride might be harmful for the mental development of children, are carried out in areas where naturally high concentrations of fluoride in the drinking water.

Brushing your teeth with fluoride

There are negative effects of fluoride in areas where people are by only water to drink every day large quantities of fluoride in their diet. This means brushing your teeth with fluoride is also bad for you?

Van Loveren tells you that you can with brushing your teeth a lot less of fluoride ingested. “Toothpaste and spit you back out. And what you will accidentally ingest, separate it out again. Fluoride accumulates in the body.”

Van Loveren explains that in children younger than five years still it is advisable to work with a special peuterpasta to brush. In a peuterpasta is less fluoride than normal toothpaste. “The development of the teeth is the most sensitive to an excessive amount of fluoride. At this age the teeth of children still in development. In order not to risk, it is recommended that with something less fluoride to brush.”

European nutritional advice

On the basis of the current scientific literature, the European food safety Authority concluded that the maximum safe daily dosage of fluoride for adults is 7 milligrams per day.

According to American research get adults using toothpaste daily is about 0.1 milligrams of fluoride within. The American toothpastes for adults contain comparable amounts of fluoride, as well as European toothpastes.


If you have a high dose of fluoride ingested, then this may indeed be harmful for the body. This is, however, especially in areas where naturally high fluoride in the drinking water, or when a child accidentally swallowing the toothpaste tube leegeet. If you just brush your teeth, then you get as little fluoride within that this is not harmful for your health. In young children, because of possible adverse effects of fluoride on the development of the teeth, I would recommend with special kleutertandpasta’s to brush.

We rate the statement, “brushing teeth with a fluoridetandpasta is harmful to the human body” as mostly false.

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