NUcheckt that people are not all violent video games check regularly for reliability. Myth: “playing video games makes young people violent, what is the root cause of the many shootings in the US.”

Verdict: false

That makes the games, for example Grand Theft Auto, you have to be aggressive and a potential perpetrator? This is a frequent question. In 2009 it was the CDA Mp Joop Atsma, even with a ban on the popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, because it is a controversial level, possible incitement to violence”.

Why is the debate about violent video games again?

“We need to stop the glorification of violence,” said the Us president, Donald Trump on Monday in a speech, shortly after the terrorist attacks in Texas and Ohio with a total of 31 people lost their lives. “At the same time, I also talk about the spine-chilling and horrific video games that have become mainstream.”

“It’s for young people, to be easy in order to immerse themselves in a culture which revolves around violence. We need to stop, or significantly reduce, and do it right.”

It’s not the first time that the Us president’s video games is called as a cause of the many shootings in the country. In 2018, said He was still the same, after which, as well as the video game industry to the White House, and were taken to resolve the issue is to be discussed.

Has He the same?

It is the question of whether video games are to young people are actually turning to violence. In countries where there is more money in games than it is in the United States of america, for example, is almost no evidence of the fatal shoot-outs. That’s according to figures published by analyst firm Newzoo, which is by, among others, the former Nintendo president, Reggie Fils-Aime will be shared on Twitter.

Facts are facts.

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The Experts dispute for a long period of time, that games of violence are linked and can be used. Two researchers from Harvard university found in 2008 that young people are not “blood thirsty killers” change to the game. “There is simply no data to prove it,” wrote the duo, after two years, twelve hundred students were surveyed.

In a study conducted by Western Michigan University and is a similar conclusion to be drawn. Professor Whitney DeCamp told CNN that “there is no link between the playing of video games and violent behaviour.

In a German study had a sample size of two months, every day playing games. One group was violent, but Grand Theft Auto V as well as testspel, while the second group is the organizer for The Sims 3 to play.

“We did not see any significant changes in the behavior of the users”, write the researchers, it is an article for You. “That’s true for the players of both violent and if the non-violent game play, as well as for the group that don’t have anything to play with.”

In the Uk the teenagers, there could be a link between violent behavior and video games can be found, write the researchers, from the University of Oxford and University of Cardiff. “There has been no evidence that the games will have a similar effect.”

What appears to be from the Dutch scientific research.

In the Netherlands, it was violence in games to be re-examined. In the research of communicatiewetenschapper Carol Pass, it is argued that games do influence violent behavior, but only if you are a teenager, in his or her surroundings also have a lot of violence, “prince’s”, for example, through friends or in contact with aggressive friends.

“The vast majority of parents do not worry, mediageweld a direct problem for their children, but Pass after completing her study in 2016.

Professor Elly Konijn is affiliated with the Free University of amsterdam, concluded in 2008 that the games are partly to be able to contribute to the aggression of young people. Bunny emphasized, however, that the games won’t be the only one at fault. The games are responsible for only 11 to 22 per cent for doing this. According to her, lead to a number of risk factors to violent behavior.

Mary Bonn, criminologist at the University of Leiden, pulled out early in 2018, in an interview with the Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant, a very different conclusion. They have linked the games to be a drop in the murder rate since 2004. “That’s probably because some of these men are spending more time in front of the computer, for example, those games that you can play,” she said.


The Association for Psychological Science, looked at a total of 101 surveys the link between violence and video games has been examined. The impact of the games turned out to be minimal. The Games would be perfect to have a negative impact on the social behavior and performance in school.

We can evaluate the following statement: “games will lead to aggressive behavior and violence, and” as if false.

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