NUcheckt: research has not shown that kaaseters longer life check daily posts on reliability. Assertion: “People who are cheese-eating, live longer.”

Verdict: unproven

Dexterity and Elkedagverhalen wrote in december that some, if unhealthy known foods for a longer life could provide. So would people who are cheese-eating, on average, live longer. This would enable researchers to McMaster University in the United States have discovered.

Where does it come from?

It is in the messages are not entirely clear on what the scientific article the statement is exactly based. This probably has to do a survey in september 2018, is published. In this study, it was examined whether there was a connection between the consumption of dairy products and the risk of heart disease and the risk of premature death.

The survey had approximately 136.000 participants in 21 countries. A questionnaire was chosen from the participants on a day ate. The research had as purpose to the health effects of the intake of dairy in general to investigate. The consumption of cheese was also investigated separately.

On average, ate the participants 9,7 grams of cheese per day. Respondents in Europe, North America and the Middle East ate the most cheese. In the study was only no association was found between consumption of cheese and premature death or heart disease.

The consumption of dairy products in general and yoghurt in particular, were associated with a smaller risk of premature death. But whether the zuivelconsumptie the reason was that the participants lived longer, is not with certainty to say.

Is cheese healthy?

The Nutrition centre, writes that 10+-, 20+ and 30+cheeses low-salt contain within a healthy diet fit. These types of cheese according to the Nutrition the same health benefits as other dairy products. That are rich in for example, vitamin B2, B12 and calcium and provide important minerals like potassium and zinc.

Other cheeses you can according to the Nutrition is better not every day, because they are often relatively a lot of salt and saturated fat.

A speck of dust in cheese helps as possible for longer life

But there is evidence that eating cheese makes you live longer? In 2016 there was a international research in the news, in which it was suggested that a substance which, under more cheese, black beans and wheat germ, it is possible to ensure that you live longer. This fabric is called spermidine.

Research found that mice that daily this substance through their drinking water binnenkregen, on average, lived longer. The researchers wanted of course to know if this substance in humans has an effect. To do this, they looked at the diet of eight hundred inhabitants of a small North-Italian city. People who have relatively much spermidinerijk foods such as whole grains, mushrooms and old cheese ate proved to be a smaller chance of heart disease.

But there is, according to researchers, more research is needed to determine whether spermidine really healthy for people. In addition, it is possible that, for example the salt and fat in cheese, the possible positive effects of spermidine and receiver.


Low-fat cheeses with a little salt adjust according to the Nutrition within a healthy diet. But in the research that Dexterity and Elkedagverhalen cited, it is not proven that cheese-eating in general is good for your health. Also, it is not shown whether people who regularly cheese food really longer life.

We rate the statement, “people who are cheese-eating, live longer” therefore, if unproven.

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