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Chemotherapy is one of the most well-known treatment for cancer. While the doctors and the treatment is often to bet, it will appear regularly in myths about chemotherapy is on Facebook. What do we know about the effectiveness of the chemotherapy?

Through Facebook are frequently virulent statements about chemotherapy are made. How to edit Facebook page Healthwatch is that chemotherapy does not help the fight against cancer, and that 97 per cent of the people died due to the drug. What does the treatment actually is, and what is the truth of this statement?

What is chemotherapy?

Sabine Linn is a physician-oncologist at a cancer specialist institute, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. It will out of that, chemotherapy is a generic term for different types of drugs used in the treatment of cancer. The similarity between the funds is that they are in the division and upset. A tumor, so the cancer, caused by the unrestrained division of cells. The chemotherapy will ultimately provide for many issues in these rapidly dividing cells, is that they’re going to die.

How is chemotherapy used?

Chemotherapy is used in different ways, ” says Linn. Thus, chemotherapy is often used before or after surgery to have the tumor removed. “We know that if there is a single tumor in the body, tumor cells, often via the bloodstream, as such, have distributed, such as for the spread you can make. Metastases of tumors to other parts of the body other than the first tumor. In order to prevent the spread, it is the chemotherapy used. We know that many lives will be saved.”

Linn says that chemotherapy is also used if the cancer spreads throughout the body, and an operation is no longer possible. “Chemotherapy treatment is often life-saving. However, in this case, the treatment is often aimed at reducing symptoms and, if necessary, to extend its useful life and is not a cure. A physician determines that, in this case, together with the patient, or the profit that chemotherapy benefits, they are outweighed by the potential side effects of the drug.”

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What are the risks?

The side-effects of chemotherapy vary by means of, according to Linn. For some drugs, the side effects are tough, but sometimes they can be quite mild. “People tend to think that chemotherapy is always to go bald and get sick, but that’s not the case at all. In addition, it may be baldness is always better to prevent and medications for nausea have continued to improve, which a lot of people here are less affected by this.”

The most significant risks of chemotherapy, according to Linn, is that your immune system is so low, that you will seriously get a. What if it is not treated, it can cause the person to die. “The risk of blood infection is less than 1%, and if you do step forward if you have a fever, this can be taken care of with antibiotics.”

“In addition, we can see that, due to the use of certain drugs, the chance increases, that is, in the long-term for a tumor arising from the “healthy cells”. For example, first of all, a 1 per cent chance of developing new tumours in the non-cancer cells will be some of the chemotherapies of 2 per cent. The overall health due to chemotherapy, however, is much greater than the negative impact of this risk.”

What’s the deal with the number of people that would die to have chemotherapy?

Where does this claim come from that the 97% of people die with chemotherapy? “Linn is expected that this will be a subversion of the existing research. For some types of cancer, and died a large proportion of patients, however, chemotherapy is not the cause of it, that is the cancer. Chemotherapy this form of cancer is not used in order to save the lives of, for example, to prolong life, or to the side-effects of cancer treatment, to help.”

The origin of this claim seems outrageous. Facebook-page-Healthwatch, and that this claim repeatedly, online, place, to support its assertion with a statement by the Italian alternative-doctor Giuseppe Nacci. In this article is only in place at 97 per cent, of the people, to die at her. According to the Nacci would be chemotherapy, in particular not of works, but a large part of the research is that according to your argument, it would show that chemotherapy does not work, it is for more than thirty years of age. There is even a study mentioned that more than sixty years of age. For the treatment of cancer over the past few decades has changed dramatically, which dated back to research a little more to say about the effectiveness of the drug.

Anyone who alerts on Facebook before chemo?

  • working with Facebook to combat the nepnieuws. Through this partnership, we see a lot of alternative gezondheidspagina’s warning to her. The most important of these is the Healthwatch, nearly 100,000 people are finding this page to like it. On the page, there are several untrue assertions about chemotherapy, but it is also about the sweetener aspartame and a variety of other products.
  • In addition, we also saw that all the pages Healtbytes, World Unity, and Natuurotheek of an article to distribute, in which it says that chemotherapy is of no use. Together, these pages, about 70,000 of which are fun to do.

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