NUcheckt: Gin and tonic, kiss and more unproven remedies against hay fever

It is hooikoortsseizoen and so will appear all sorts of tips on how to make sure you are here as little as possible bothering you. NUcheckt looked at the past two years, four alternative remedies against hay fever, such as kissing and the drinking of gin and tonics. There was none of these remedies evidence.

The most obvious tip that NUcheckt encountered was the daily food of a couple of woodlice to hay fever. This is a rumour since 2012, around, and on February 25, 2019, placed one more article which stated that a woodlouse may be able to help against hay fever.

Woodlice would be the substance which is to hooikoortsklachten leads. If you regularly woodlice eat, you could end up immune for this substance.

Hooikoortsdeskundige Arnold van Vliet of Wageningen University said in 2017 to that by definition is impossible woodlice help against hay fever. “As it is explained, it would be according to the principle of immunotherapy should work. Then you build up by eating woodlice resistance on by allergens up to you to take. But then it should be to the appropriate allergens and that is when woodlice is not the case.”

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A half hour of kissing also helps not

Thus, it has (fortunately) no sense to woodlice to eat if you hooikoortsklachten. A Japanese researcher claimed to be a different, more pleasant remedy for hay fever to have discovered. According to researcher Hajime Kimata helps a half hour of kissing, against hooikoortsklachten.

Kimata suggested that, in the blood of couples who just had kissed less substances were created to hooikoortsklachten lead. There was, however, quite to brands in the research. For example, there were only twelve couples that participated in the survey and the blood was only two weeks after the kissing and examined.

Professor of immunology, Huub Savelkoul at Wageningen University, explained to from that it is impossible that a half hour of kissing helps against hay fever. “The emergence and reduce hay fever is a very gradual process. This may not by an activity from a half hour to be affected.”

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Gin-tonics drinking anti-hay fever is not a good idea

Also kissing so we need to delete from the list of possible remedies against hay fever. How about gin and tonics? According to various websites, drinking gin and tonics the hooikoortsklachten reduce.

Also, this turned out not to be correct. There are indications that alcohol is bad for people with lung complaints. Swedish researchers found in 2005 that alcohol as possible to complaints of the respiratory tract can lead to. Especially people with asthma and hay fever after drinking alcohol is a relatively common respiratory complaints.

Also Flemish research 2016 showed that people with a disease of the respiratory tract relatively often suffer from complaints after the use of alcohol.

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No evidence for ‘medical taping’

Different physiotherapists in the Netherlands offer ‘medical taping’ against hay fever. These are strips of tape on the back of a hooikoortspatiënt pasted. That would be for a reduction of the hooikoortsklachten to take care of.

There is, however, no scientific research has been done. Wytske Fokkens, professor of ear, Nose and Oto told that it is not probable that medical tape works: “On theoretical grounds seem to me stiff, that it works and there is no properly conducted research to medical taping. It seems to me very unlikely that medical tape helps against hay fever.”

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What helps?

Multiple experts told to that is best to the doctor can go to if you suffer from hay fever. Medication can, according to experts, in many people, the symptoms are reduced.

In addition, told Letty de Weger, hooikoortsdeskundige at the Leiden University Medical Center, that a pair of sunglasses can help prevent pollen in your eyes. Also advised them to do this on days that there is a lot of pollen in the air before going to bed your hair to wash, so that the pollen is not on your pillow.

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