NUcheckt: Cough increased chance of survival during a heart attack is not check the messages on the reliability. Myth: “If you are alone and have a heart attack, you may cough, your chances of survival increase.”

Verdict: false

A message about what you need to do if you have a heart attack if you are on your own, in January and February, hundreds of times and shared on Facebook. According to the Facebook message that you can securely and cough, in this situation save your life. The message, however, is a fable in which, for more than twenty years of age.

On Facebook is a message on what you need to do when you are on your own if you have a heart attack. (Source: Facebook)

Where does it come from?

In 1999, wrote a letter to the U.s. factcheckwebsite Snopes a kettingmail was spread that the cough, the chance of survival can increase when someone has a heart attack.

The text, which at this point will still be on Facebook and is distributed seems to be an almost exact copy of the email, who for more than twenty years ago, it got around. In the original email, that the email was supported by a hospital in New York city. The hospital did not deny the message to be.

According to a report published by the European reanimatieraad from the end of 2018, more than 400,000 people, nevertheless, the English-language version of this report social media is to be shared.

As to why it was thought that the cough is helping?

The British reanimatieraad wrote in 2002 for the first time, the kuchadvies to have a heart attack. According to the organization, the recommendation is likely to be based on a number of cases in which cough is under the supervision of a cardiologist in the hospital when a heart attack prevented.

However, there is no evidence at all that coughing out of the hospital, the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest increase. When a person has a cardiac arrest, it is the one according to the heart foundation within a few seconds of lost consciousness, and, therefore, not be able to cough. In a cardiac arrest, it must 112 be received as soon as possible and begin cpr.

In addition to the heart foundation to write the British Heart Foundation, and the Amercian Heart Association is that a cough from an acute heart problem are outside of the hospital, is not appropriate.

What is the difference between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack?

In the Facebook message that will, in addition, the word heart attack is used as a heart-attack is meant to be. When a heart attack stops the heart is not beating, but it will be a part of the heart is starved of oxygen. It is also known as a myocardial infarction is called. A heart attack can keep you awake, symptoms include a squeezing pain in the chest, sweating, and nausea. In some cases, you may have a heart attack and turn into a heart attack, but this is usually not the case at all.

To have a heart attack, and it doesn’t make sense to have to cough up. It is the opinion of the heart foundation, is right for the symptoms of a heart attack, and as quietly as possible, and, if the symptoms last for more than five minutes on hold, the 112 call.


A twenty-year-old chain letter about what you need to do if you have a home with a heart attack, it is re-distributed via Facebook. In this post, the advice is to go for a cough: if you think you have a heart attack. It was a heart attack, and even better to be as quiet as possible, and to continue to be. To have a heart attack you’ll hit almost immediately out of the consciousness and the need for the 112 calls.

We can evaluate the following statement: “If you are alone and have a heart attack, you may cough, your chances of survival increase if is false.

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