News launches a pair of nieuwsmerken for children and young people it comes with a two-nieuwsmerken, with a special focus on children and young people. With NUjunior and checkNU are children aged between seven and twelve years of age, and high school students via a new website, and an Instagram channel.

Children are now more likely to be in touch with the news than they used to be. However, there are a few places online where the news is specifically for them. It is, therefore, with NUjunior and checkNU.

NUjunior is a web site designed for children between the ages of seven and twelve years of age. By means of language, pictures, books, music, videos, and messages to the new kids brought in.

The website, in addition to the work of the editors of the input on children’s use of the news.

Also, it introduces checkNU: an Instagram-a channel targeted at middle school students. CheckNU will translate in the news on Instagram. The followers of the channel will have an impact on the news that the young reporters are asked to actively contribute to the creation of their own videos.

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