‘NSA-employee stole 50 terabytes of secret information’

‘NSA-employee stole 50 terabytes of secret information’

Photo: AFP

The NSA employee, who in August was arrested because of alleged theft and publication of spyware, according to the authorities at least 50 terabytes (50,000 to gigabyte) to secret information stolen.

As far as is known there has never been much secret information stolen. Defendant Harold Thomas Martin has a lot more information captured than whistleblower Edward Snowden, reports ArsTechnica Thursday.

Martin worked as Snowden for the forma Booz Allen Hamilton, security service NSA helps with digital spy. At the time of his arrest it was announced that the man of top secret documents had at home.

The American prosecution says Martin soon formally to sue for violation of the Spionagewet, is evident from rechtbankdocumenten. This depends on him the death penalty over the head.


Martin had a position at Booz Allen Hamilton, and could in top secret documents. Except large quantities of data, would the employee also papers have taken with secrets and topgeheimen.

The documents with secrets, dated from 1996 to 2016 and were made by the defendant on his work printed. It is not clear what is Martin planning on doing with it. May be he wanted to publish them.


It is also not clear whether Martin was arrested for the leak of the NSA-spyware that recently came in the news. That malware let the VS routers brands Cisco, and Fortinet to drain.

In that case, would the research end-september have taken account of carelessness of an employee. American administrations get the last time critical for the acquisition and concealment of critical vulnerabilities in software, for spy to use.

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