NS invests in futuristic-Hyperloop-train

NS invests in futuristic-Hyperloop-train

Photo: Vroegop

The innovation fund of the NS and a South-Holland investment fund stitches in total 600,000 euros in the development of a ” Hyperloop, a futuristic mode of transport capsules in an evacuated tube.

Recently won a student team from the TU Delft with his Hyperloop-prototype has already a prestigious contest of space SpaceX.

The capsule went down with more than 90 kilometres per hour through a tube of 1.2 kilometres long. A part of the student team continues as the startup HARDT, where NS invest.

The startup is also backed by investment fund UNIIQ, which was founded by the TU Delft and University of Leiden and focuses on South-Dutch startups. The NS and UNIIQ stitches both 300,000 euro in seed capital in HARDT.


First test with Delft Hyperloop


Four of the original members of the Hyperloop team of the TU Delft will work for CURES. Tim Houter, captain of the varsity, is CEO of the startup.

He tells that TOUGHENS the technology behind the Hyperloop in just four years, wants to develop further, so that he in the praktjik can be established. “Technologically, it can quite quickly go,” he says, pointing to the prototype that is in one year’s time was designed and built.

A spokesperson for the NS says not to expect that passengers in the next decade in a Hyperloop will steps, instead of in a normal train. With the first big investment of the own innovation fund, which in 2015 was founded with 5 million euros in capital, the company wants to especially money into technical expertise.


The concept behind the Hyperloop was in 2012 proposed by Elon Musk, ceo of Tesla and SpaceX. He wrote a contest to bring his concept into practice.

The capsule of the Hyperloop has little resistance, because he is moving through a vacuum tube. The varsity from Delft designed a brake and stabilization system that uses permanent magnets, causing the capsule above the rails, floating.

Ultimately, the Hyperloop, according to the concept of Musk, a speed of over a thousand kilometres per hour can reach, enough to in less than two hours from Amsterdam travel to Rome. Houter says that it is still uncertain if there is actually a Hyperloop can be built, because there is also a political will.

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