NPO stands behind the director of French Little while researching other positions

The NPO has in an open letter to French Small to support it, now the videodirecteur is being investigated because of a possible position that he has been for many years would hold. They say not to recognize in the image that the media is outlined.

The Integrity Commission for Public Broadcasting (CIPO) is currently investigating a position of Small. Following is an article from the Dutch newspaper NRC, in which the newspaper writes that Small for many years was director of a British letter box companies, while he is also media director and later televisiedirecteur of the VARA.

According to the newspaper concealed Small that he is director of the letter box companies Bidrio Limited. This company was during the NPO activities of a Small business owner of several Thai restaurants.

The Telegraph reported Sunday that Small at the expense of the broadcaster, a dinner party has declared that was organized in his own Thai restaurant. According to the code of conduct, this would not be allowed because, in this case to his own company.

NPO calls Small integer, and be able

According to the NPO has Little here asked for permission and received, which is also true for the other positions. “But the facts do not show what this kind of coverage really with people – in this case, French – do”, write omroepbaas Shula Rijxman and Martijn van Dam, member of the board of directors.

“We know French as an honourable, able and amiable fellow with a big heart for the public good.”

The two say that they have no reason to doubt the Small and on the tradeoffs that were made by BNNVARA. “We find it extremely annoying that French is so hard being hit, but be assured: we support him also.”

Board of directors @PubliekeOmroep in a statement square behind #NPO director French Small. “Unfortunately, it was there this morning in the Telegraph also post about our French Small.” In response to @telegraph and @GoosR and other media.

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