NPO-series, the Man bites the dog and turns on the SBS is back on tv

The Man bites the dog ” returns with a new series on SBS is finally back on tv. Previously confirmed to Talpa that proefopnames have been made in the humaninterestprogramma.

“We would like to SBS6 in the midst of society; in the Netherlands, as of now, the show. There is a Man biting a dog, par excellence, an appropriate tv-program”, said Talpa-the director Marco Louwerens.

According to Louwerens, it will be the program’s “extraordinary, touching, and true stories,” which is located in the Netherlands, to play. “Especially outside the Netherlands, where the media is in my opinion, to a lack of focus. In addition to what we are doing in the Heart of the country, we are able to stories by a Man to bite a dog to tell you.”

Well-known items from the tv series return, including in the Chat, and the Dog at the table. Michael Abspoel, who is also the voice-over kept in the previous season, will also be in the SBS version of it as well.

A Man bites a dog, it will, from the 26th of August at 19: 30 on SBS6. It is also easy to program on the eve of the transmitter is well-known: at 18: 00, start, Utopia, at 19: 00 hours, it is the Heart of the uk, and at 19: 30 there will be a Man biting a dog is to be transmitted. The evening is at 20: 00 shut down with the Lingo.


Man bites dog will return to Dutch television SBS6

Well-known for the Chat, and The Veerkampjes

The program is a sixteen year old for a long time, the Dutch public broadcasting (NPO) have been seen. The last episode was on Friday 2nd of October 2015.

Man bites dog was originally a british tv show in 1999, the Dutch version of the start button. In the last two years, the program every day, around half a million viewers.

In the humaninterestprogramma were ‘ordinary’ people and their day to day activities as the people with a special hobby of mine.

A well-known item in a Man bites a dog, it is the Admin, so that people in a video were able to have a say. The family Veerkamp, and one of the famous duo and Real, and the Original, which was later to become a internethype, has its origins in the TELEVISION SERIES program.

It wouldn’t be the first time that the SBS is a NPO’s program is new and life-giving. For example, in SBS’s Running Right under the name of Mr. Frank Visser is the court, and will begin soon a new series of spelletjesprogramma Lingo.

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