Now there is no need to worry about spider veins! AFT 515 SVL is here to help you!!

Spider veins not only look ugly and appealing, they are sometimes viciously painful as well. Though all spider vein treatments over the last few decades are painful to hear about and a scar experience to go through, now, with the latest advances in technology, it is possible to have a better and less horrifying treatment experience. The AFT 515 SVL can help you get rid of your spider veins with no trouble at all.

Use of AFT 515 SVL for the Treatment of Vascular Lesions

A latest addition to the family of laser treatment is the AFT 515 SVL technology. AFT 515 SVL is a multi-technology, multi-application device that can be used for treating several disorders. This new therapy can help in the treatment of superficial lesions of vascular system also. It also helps in the management of telangiectasia, hemangioma and spider veins.

Acne rosacea, a quite troublesome skin disorder can be effectively treated with this therapy. So, you no longer have to worry about buying several creams and lotions or visiting a dermatologist again and again for acne rosacea. All you need to do is get a therapy done with AFT 515 SVL technology and get rid of your problems.


It is known that telangiectasia can produce displeasing discoloration of the skin that makes you run away from any public appearance. The traditional modes of treatment used for treating this condition take a very long time and are not very effective. The condition may also have repeated exacerbations. But, AFT 515 SVL can help patients suffering from telangiectasia by giving quick relief from the complaint. Also, the treatment is highly effective and produces excellent results within no time.

Hemangiomas can be equally troublesome for patients just like telangiectasia. They are abnormal swellings in the blood vessels that initially appear as flat red spots over the body. Although most of the hemangiomas are present at birth and disappear spontanusly, it makes the parents of a child very anxious. Also, some of the hemangiomas may need medical intervention. Use of AFT 515 SVL technology can be very helpful in such cases, as it provides quick healing of the lesion without any harmful effects.  On the other hand, spider veins are very painful and can be quite ugly. But, now they can be treated easily with the help of AFT 515 SVL technology.

Patients suffering from acne rosacea know what it is. They just get tired of answering questions from all people about the strange redness on their faces. Rosacea stays for a very long time and just when you think that the red patches have disappeared, they resurface again. It’s a chronic skin condition without any permanent cure in the traditional modes of therapies. However, now there is an answer to this condition in the form of AFT 515 SVL technology. It can help in effortless treatment of this condition.

The procedure uses very high levels of AFT energy to clear up telangiectasia. This, coupled with short pulse duration such as 10 msec, 12 msec and 15 msec, can provide highly specific results. It provides remarkable improvement in the condition without much time. Any kind of stubborn superficial lesion of the vascular system can be efficiently managed by this therapy. The instrument provides customization of AFT515 SVL that makes it highly efficacious. It is very safe for the patients and does not produce any unwanted adverse reactions. The therapy can be used for treatment of patients of any skin type. Different skin types ranging from I to V as per the Fitzpatric scale can be safely treated with this procedure.

The results of the treatment show an immediate closing of the affected blood vessels. The improvement is enhanced over a period of time and patients can enjoy relief from troublesome and displeasing symptoms after the treatment. A complete set of templates is provided with the instrument that can help in better precision in the therapy. This can help in optimizing the results. The instrument is compatible with all other models from Harmony and can also replace the traditionally used KTP 532 nM for treating superficial lesions of vascular system. The instrument has a multi-application technology for pulse light. The breakthrough design of this instrument can convert the unused ultraviolet light in optimal spectrum for each different application. This dramatically boosts the efficiency of the instrument and extends the life of pulsed light head. This also significantly reduces the cost of the instrument, making the treatment much affordable for the patients.

Benefits of AFT 515 SVL Technology

This technology can be very useful for patients suffering from superficial lesions of vascular system. It can also help in the treatment of telangiectasia, acne rosacea and spider veins. It can be very helpful for patients suffering from ugly looking spider veins on face and legs. The numerous benefits of this therapy are provided below:

The therapy is totally harmless. No side effects are reported after the treatment.
The therapy is quite cost effective, so patients do not have to worry about spending lot of money on expensive surgical procedures. They can also cut down on regular spending as the therapy eliminates the need of using creams and lotions regularly.
It can be used for patients of any skin type.
It is found to be equally beneficial for people with tanned skin.
It can be used for male as well as female patients.
It provides rapid results without much down time. Patients can see the improvement in the condition immediately after the treatment. The improvement gets better after a period of a few days.
The treatment does not take much time of the patient. Also, patients can resume their routine activities immediately after the treatment.
The procedure does not involve the use of general or local anesthesia.
There is no risk of contracting infections in this procedure.

Due to all these benefits provided by the technology, it has become the most preferred choice of patients, for getting rid of superficial lesions of vascular system.

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