Now lgbt couples in Donald Duck

The Donald Duck gets now also signed lgbt couples in the comics. That has editor-in-chief Joan Columns defined in an interview with the Jeugdjournaal.

Columns said this in response to an item about the 10-year-old girl Fenna. She is a child of two lgbt-ouderstellen and resented the fact that they are in the magazine only but love heterostelletjes saw. “I think it’s very important that it is also in the Donald Duck normally is, that people who read comics to learn that it exists,” said Fenna.

Editor-in-chief Columns recognises in conversation with the Jeugdjournaal that “the drafters, this is indeed not between the ears”. Therefore, there will now Duckstad also lgbt couples in the background. “The artist is now busy with the first bunch of two women – thanks to you”, says she Fenna in the movie.

The Dutch Donald Duck has the last few years, more steps in the area of inclusiveness. So it was that in 2016 a boyfriend of Kwik, Kwak and Kwak introduced that sits in a wheelchair. And in 2018, came to the magazine with a special edition for blind and visually impaired readers.


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