Now in the store: Knack Collector’s Edition 100 pages about Prince

From may 13, you will find at your krantenboer a luxurious, 100 pages thick separate edition of Knack, which is entirely devoted to Prince, with an overview of the life and musical, cinematic, fashionable, and sexual – work.

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The musician-without-lastname know the work of Prince by and by, and saw him 60 times live. In this special you can read his renowned farewell. ‘Prince has to be a license written for a whole generation of musicians.’

‘This thing called life’: the life of Prince according to his friends and musicians

The peculiarities of Prince Rogers Nelson, told by the people who best have known. “He could run faster in heels than I am in tennis shoes.’

Flashback to 1981: the grand Paradiso-interview with Prince

On may 29, 1981 plays the Prince in the Amsterdam Paradiso, one of his most remarkable performances ever in the Low Countries. The Dutch music magazine Oor if the still little pop star that afternoon in his hotel room for an interview. 35 years later, that story is the only authenticity won.

Author Mieke Debruyne about Prince-the-seksgod

Also on the oerkatholieke countryside left Prince deep traces. Author Mieke Debruyne about how His Purple Lust her sexual helped to unfold.

Our man in Paisley Park

Stijn Tormans spoke with Piet van Ryckeghem, one of the largest Princefans in the world. 79 times he saw the man live, including ten times in Paisley Park.

The guitars of Prince

Jimmy Hendrix had his Fender Stratocaster, Jimmy Page and his Gibson Les Paul, Jack White will be Airline JB Hutto at the time of The White Stripes. And Prince, who stayed during his career, faithful to the three models. “He played on brol, but that did not against him to have a recognizable sound to create’, says guitarist and überfan Geoffrey Burton.

The story behind the ‘Parental Advisory’stickers

How Darling Nikki Prince the rise was the largest censuurcampagne in the US.

‘The most beautiful girls in the world: Prince and his protegees

No one who is more, more attractive and diverse women in his entourage had the Prince. A look back at the musicians, muses and mistresses that he vooruithielp and him affected.

On stage

Stage animal Prince in the picture.

Prince collector’s items

Prince brought beautiful memorabilia, leaked self-shots to loyal fans, spoiled them on the infamous afterparty. But what is the greatest gadget? Knack asked the musician Stijn.

Prince and the mode

With his eccentric outfits pulled Prince the audience in his decadent universe, where the companion of refined hedonism, voluptuous lust and genderfluïde eroticism.

Prince on film

How much talent Prince also had cinema heard. Purple Rain (and that other Princefilms) reviewed.

The definitive discography

The ten best purple plates, the B-sides and the best of the rest herbeluisterd and discussed.

ies weren’t meant to last: the comments on Prince death

Among others Candy Dulfer, Frank Ocean, Tom Barman, Erykah Badu and George Clinton react with stunned.

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