Not yet been discovered, Zika outbreak in Cuba of 2017 unveiled

Scientists unveiled on Thursday in the scientific journal Cell, an outbreak of Zika virus in 2017 in Cuba, which until then had remained unknown. The appearance took place a year after the virus in the neighboring countries as partners.

In 2016, there was a severe zika epidemic in South africa. In spite of the substantial decrease of cases in 2017, and disappeared with the virus. At the local level, there were still outbreaks of the virus. Investigation of the outbreak revealed that a large part of the zika cases in 2017 as a result of a non-reported case of the virus in the country.

For this study, they used the scientists to the data of zika cases in Florida and the united states and Europe. They found that the majority of the infected individuals, the virus life in the country. The outbreak has turned out to be the same size as most of the outbreaks in the neighboring countries the year before.

The virus has a lot of people have mild symptoms. However, an infection with the virus can be for pregnant women to have disastrous consequences. The fetus may be, for example, severe skull and brain dysfunction up.

The question is, why is the outbreak in Cuba, so long a secret well kept. The staff of the Public American Health Organization (PAHO), the cases have been recorded, due to the late reporting of the data to take account of technical errors. The information may be stored in a database, but will not be visible on the site, reports the New York Times.

Of the epidemic, 2016

The zika epidemic that, in 2016, it can be seen in several of the countries in North and South America and was first detected in Brazil at the time. The virus was there for a year and a half before, for the first time detected. At that time, the virus has already spread to dozens of countries.

A year later, it unveiled a report from the PAHO that the virus in such a way, the disappearance, was that there was no longer a threat to international public health. Mid-2017, there is no new zika cases have been further reported.

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