Not in the mood for alcohol? This allows you to have a drink on the terrace

What if you don’t would like to drink alcohol, but can also be finished with a Spa Blue, or a diet coke? Don’t worry, there is plenty of choice. What do you say to a boutiquesoftdrink or a non-alcoholic gin and tonic?

The NOLO trend for No-or Low-Alcohol) has been going on for some time. Actually, since people are more aware of their eating and drinking, deal with it.

“It’s now cool to say that you can’t have a drink, then you have a stud,” says horecatrendwatcher van Dyke. “The Alcohol will be in the next few years, more and more are being considered the new smoking.”

It is not that we, the wine, the beer all the way, but we have to choose more and more often in the non-alcoholic variety. As it turned out from a survey by market research company Nielsen reported that, by 2018, considerably more non-alcoholic wines and beers are sold at the grocery store.

Especially the non-alcoholic wine, which is a work in progress. There are people in the netherlands as much as 37 percent of alcohol.

How do you choose a good non-alcoholic wine?

Non-alcoholic wine is made in the same way as normal wine, but the alcohol is filtered out. These techniques are getting better and better, and growing high-quality offerings, says sommelier, Wiljan Dorrepaal.

How do you know if you have a good non-alcoholic wine, is to address the problem? “Just like regular wine,” says Dorrepaal. “In a weirdly low price, it is often a sign that the wine is of poor quality. To have a good quality of is indeed at a higher price.”

The top three non-alcoholic wine brands, according to sommelier, Dorrepaal:

  • Aldea – “a Fruity, light-hearted wine from Spain. Their red tempranillo is one of the best non-alcoholic wines on the market.”
  • Eisberg – “the sauvignon blanc as chardonnay is a powerful and full bodied. Both are well worth a visit.”
  • Lussory – “This is a Spanish wine brand offers some of the most dry, and fresh wines from this list. Because they have no trace of alcohol, all the wines have to be halal.”
  • Have a beer at the sports

    Also, non-alcoholic beer is gaining in popularity, and now the technological innovation is getting better and better it is. “The big brewers have over the last few years, invested heavily in improving the quality of their methods,” says biersommelier Henri Reuchlin, co-ordinator of the StiBON Bieropleiding.

    Bavaria with its four non-alcoholic beers have the most diverse range of products. From beer, to beer or a radler-it’s all available with and without alcohol. And Heineken offers you Heineken 0.0 wb auto iso auto to on. But small breweries are experimenting more and more with non-alcoholic beers.

    The three non-alcoholic beers

    • “IPA “Beers may be more useful for the non-alcoholic than a regular beer. In small breweries, as well as Of the Region, and Jopen offer a nice, alcohol-use IPA at any time.
    • Blonde-beer “, The Flemish brewery De Halve Maan, came recently to the city Sportzot. The beer that is promoted as a perfect sports drink, as they do not contain alcohol, but fat.”
    • Beer those of you Who prefer pints of beer to drink, opt for a version of the large breweries such as Bavaria, and Heineken. The anne of 0.0 on a lot of sites by default on the map.

    Non-alcoholic liquors and traditional drinks

    A cocktail of non-alcoholic beverages will be soon, which is a great start, however, with the advent of the world’s first alcohol-free distillate, Seedlip, it is a thing of the past. The drink contains no alcohol, sugar, calories or artificial additives. If you are Seedlip mixed with tonic, it tastes just like a gin and tonic.

    “If you’re Seedlip be used as a substitute for rum, gin or Dutch gin), you won’t miss the alcohol, not really” said Tess Posthumus, who is in the top four of the world’s best barmensen state. You’ll be sitting out on the terrace? See, in particular, they have cocktails with a Seedlip and serve. In the better cafes, trendy bars, and even a few michelin-starred restaurants have made the drink as a standard on the menu.

    In addition to cocktails, there is also an increase in boutiquesoftdrinks, tells the story Of the Band. “If you were in the pub to choose between coca-cola, Fanta and orange juice, now you have a huge list of home-made drinks with strong flavours such as chili and ginger. Any consumption of alcohol in 2019 and really does not have to be boring.”

    Three of the craft as well as soft drinks for you to try

    • Nix & Kix the brand that makes the drinks with no added sugar, but with the cayenne pepper, in flavors like Mango, Ginger or the Peach and Vanilla.
    • A Kombucha , The fermented sweet tea on A it is made with a Kombucha brewery in Zaandam, the netherlands, and is being offered at over one hundred locations in the Netherlands.
    • Double Dutch tastes like Pomegranata & Basil or Indian tonic, the drinks at Double Dutch is not only easy to use, in the event of a (non-alcoholic) cocktails, but it is also pure to drink, with a fruit or a vegetable as a garnish.

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