Norwegian Air reacts to the passenger (s poem complaint with witty rhyme, waives fee

This plane got creative when a customer complained about the cost of policies.


Budget airline Norwegian has a quirky repsonse for passenger Gus Dolding that a scathing poem on Facebook complaining about the service.


“Why can’t you be honest
Norwegian Air
Without headphones
Nine hours with no free food,” Dolding wrote in the first of his five-verse poem.

The British passenger was frustrated by the airline 120 euros ($147) fee for the change of the name on the ticket.

“I admit that it was wrong to use his first name as Bill
William Edward Gabriel, the chair that ass to fill
One hundred and twenty euros for what?
For two minutes of typing that is quite a lot,” the 27-year-old musician remained for the requests of the airline are not a burden to him.

“Why can’t you be honest
Norwegian Air
Just skip that ammendment fee
And let it change us,” Dolding ready.

The poem, that Dolding told the Daily Mail he is not much of and admits: “this is the first to be presented to the public,” quickly got the attention on social media, racking up dozens of shares and likes – and caught in the eye of the Norwegian, which agreed to waive the payment.

Dolding, who lives in Bristol, England, answered with a short rhyme: “Thank you for being honest, Norwegian Air. You are apart of the fee. So happy are we.”

That Norwegian responded with a poem of their own:

“Dear Gus,
We understand all the fuzz
We try the best to reduce all buss
But fear not, for
We do not throw anyone under the buss
Especially not a person like you
Since the diamonds in this world, there are so few,” the airplane began to offer an excuse.

The airline was praised by people on Facebook who described the movement as “class” and “brilliant” the Daily Mail reported.


A Norwegian spokesperson told MailOnline, “Our customer care team are ready for you to add support for more than 30 million passengers fly with Norwegian every year, and this poem shows they also have a flexible, smart and creative group of people.”

“We are pleased to resolve the customer issue in a playful way that shows that a little playfulness can go a long way to go,” the spokesperson added.

Alexandra Deabler is a Lifestyle writer and editor for Fox News.

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