Norway stops aid to protect the Amazon, Bolsonaro reacts strongly to

Norway will stop contributing to the fund for the protection of the Amazon region. Losing to Brazil, are the largest investor; in the last eleven years, were the Punishment more than 830 million euros to the fund, and this year could be of the order of more than 30 million euros. The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro replied hotly, as he was informed of the news.

“It Is, Norway is not a country that whales kills in the North pole?”, and “keep the money, but to help, but Angela Merkel, with the creation of the forest”, he said to Brazilian journalists.

Germany gave up earlier in the week and have to stop with the gifts. In the European countries, that is Brazil’s agreement with its lenders, has been violated, because the fight against deforestation in the back would turn. The Norwegian minister of the Environment, Ola Elvestuen thinks, even, that “Brazil is showing that they are no longer willing to stop deforestation”.

The Amazon basin is of crucial importance in order to planeetverwarmende of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and convert it into oxygen. The concern of the forest have increased since the radical right wing of the Brazilian Bolsonaro, in taipei, taiwan in January.

The deforestation of the amazon rain forest. (Photo: Reuters)

Deforestation in the Amazon, takes a lot to

Deforestation in the Amazon region of Brazil, rose in July to the alarming numbers. The Brazilian national institute for space research (INPE), said last week that, in July, roughly in 2.254 square kilometers have been deforested, an increase of 278 per cent compared with a year earlier.

Bolsonaro is accused of being his followers in the logging, mining, and agricultural sectors for the benefit of. He has committed to agriculture and logging in the Amazon, and licensing of the mining industry to assist them.

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