Norway prepares to ban pelsdierenfokkerij for

The Norwegian government is going to foxes and nertsenfokkerijen prohibit. The decision has implications for approximately two hundred companies, that up to 2025 the time to stop with their company.

Minks in a nursery near Copenhagen. © REUTERS

The decision follows events from the conservative government of prime minister Erna Solberg with coalition partner, the Liberal y. The Norwegian animal rights organisation NOAH said in a response are pleased with the decision. NOAH calls the pelsdierenfokkerij a cruel business that is no longer of this time.”

Low countries

In december 2016, in the Netherlands it was the nertsenfokkerij already been banned, following a decision from 2013 that was appealed to the High Council. That eventually decided that the Dutch nertsenfokkerij, in terms of magnitude roughly comparable to those in Norway, for 2024 should stop. In Belgium, that not even twenty of enterprises, is the nertsenfokkerij still allowed. The nertsenkwekerijen are only still under a uitdoofscenario tolerated.

Pamela Anderson wrote in a december letter to the Flemish minister for animal Welfare Ben Weyts (N-VA), in which she expressed her concern expresses about the absence of a concrete proposal for a ban on the breeding of fur animals for bontproductie in Flanders.

Minister Weyts responded as follows: “Who can Pamela something to refuse? There is, as promised, a proposal to the Flemish government. There will now be discussed. The objective is clear: to slaughter animals just for their fur is no longer of this time, that we should stop.’

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