Northern Ireland will legalize same-sex marriage and abortion rights

The north of Ireland, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, well it is a marriage between people of the same sex, such as the right to abortion is legalized.

British members of parliament were to propose as early as July be approved, but until Monday had had a party the opportunity to make changes to improve the situation.

In the country, sounded a more critical comments from the church leaders and local politicians on the forthcoming changes to the legislation. The largest political party in Northern Ireland, the Democratic Unionist y (DUP), is a fierce opponent of abortion rights, and trying to be the last hours of the legislative changes to stop it.

During the parliamentary session, which would be the first in more than two and a half years, however, all opposition parties were leaving the North of Ireland, and, if the latter is part of the United Kingdom, legislative changes have been made.

Abortion in Europe is forbidden in Andorra, Liechtenstein, luxembourg, Monaco, Malta, San Marino and turkey. The latter also prohibits same-sex marriages, just as in the EU countries, Italy, belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech republic, Czech republic, germany, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, malta, Slovakia and slovenia).


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