Northeastern professor caught to say that he wouldn’t mind seeing Trump “death”; apologizes following backlash

Barry Bluestone, an economics professor at Northeastern University, who was caught on video saying he would not mind seeing President Trump ‘death.”

(AP/Northeastern University)

A Northeastern University professor who was caught on video during a lecture to say that he wouldn’t mind seeing President Trump “death” is apologizing in the midst of a social media attention and a statement of the school to distance itself from the remarks.

Barry Bluestone, an economics professor and founder / director of the Northeastern Dukakis Center for urban and Regional Policy, the controversial comments during a Jan. 31 lecture on the challenges of economic inequality and stagnation.

“Sometimes I just want to see him deposed and at other times, quite frankly, I hope that there are no FBI agents here — I wouldn’t mind seeing him dead,” Bluestone was quoted by multiple news agencies as saying in a YouTube video of the event have been yanked offline by the Boston school.

The journalist who was sitting next to him during the lecture, Robert Kuttner, then quickly added “natural causes”, that Bluestone confirmed by repeating and nodding, according to Campus Reform.

But Bluestone told Fox News on Thursday afternoon that the comments were made in the “heat of the moment at the end of a two-hour lecture” and that they “misinterpreted” as a violent threat.

“I meant to say I would like to see the president disappear from the White House,” he said, noting that he has “apologized to everyone for the use of that term.”

Bluestone added that “everyone knows me as a proponent of non-violent action” and that he only wants to see “more people stand up and protest “Trump’ s policies and “racism” and to get to the voting booths during the elections.

“This president has created such deep divisions in the country,” Bluestone told Fox News. “I have never in my life such anger and dissension.”

Northeastern University told Fox News Thursday that the down a video of the event posted online about the backlash that Bluestone’s comments are to generate.

“Professor Bluestone comments do not reflect the views of Northeastern University,” spokeswoman Renata Nyul said. “The university and its leaders remained steadfast opposition to violence in all its forms. While faculty members are free to express controversial opinions, the university can not provide a public platform for comments that could be interpreted to condone violence.”

The school did not respond but when asked by Fox News as Bluestone faces any disciplinary action.

Bluestone said the officials of the school never reached him, for the advantage of their position in public.

“The university is unfortunately not call me and ask for clarification of the statement and took the video down,” he told Fox News, adding that he “would have apologized to them.”

Bluestone has now been blasted on social media for the remarks, with some calling for his firing.

“You owe for the audience, with your students, the university and Trump an apology,” a Twitter user wrote.

“This “Professor” – Barry Bluestone – must be investigated by the U.S. Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation!” said the other.

Bluestone said he has received a lot of hate mail, but also messages of support for his position.

“I want to thank you for standing up for all of us, we have more people like you,” he said in a message to read it.

“I have [also] been given epithets with a lot of four-letter words that the death on me, but that’s part of it, I think,” he added.

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