North rhine-Westphalia: for gourmets and cultuurminnaars

With plenty of museums, theatres and concert halls belongs to North rhine-Westphalia the most important cultural centres in Europe. Also gourmets will come enjoy themselves.


Ludwig van Beethoven, Heinrich Heine or Joseph Beuys – the most highly populated state in Germany has many famous artists produced, and is one of the largest cultural regions of Europe. Numerous museums, theaters, orchestras and concert halls, musicals and events, attract every year many millions of visitors.

To the greatest cultural achievements of North rhine-Westphalia also include four UNESCO world heritage sites: the Cologne Cathedral, the Aachen Cathedral, Schloss Augustusburg in Brühl and the former coal mine Zeche Zollverein in Essen. The symbol of the city of Cologne is the most visited landmark of Germany.

But also gourmets get in North rhine-Westphalia catered for: there are more than 40 michelin-starred restaurants to be found. The region also has many regional specialities that are produced that you must taste: from Aachen to print to and with Westphalian ham on the bone.

Regional specialty: Aachener Print

The Aachener printer driver is a fine honey cake, which, depending on the amount of honey, or increase the volume fails. But in any way: good is the printer driver in any case, especially when it is garnished with nuts, almonds or cherries.

© Kulinarikfilm, THL

As with other German local delicacies are also around this cake was all sorts of legends have been told. Emperors, a great fire, and the devil, play all a role in it. But the fact is that the printer driver was conceived in the time of Napoleon. He made sure that the mainland is not more of sugar could be provided. Creative bakers went to their pasta, then sweeten with can gladly show. That way got the Aachener printer driver its specific taste. The printer driver may, however, only in Aachen prepared and is mostly eaten during Advent and Christmas.

Click here to watch a video about the Aachener Print and try the sweet cake myself to bake using this recipe.

The longest counter in the world

Beer is not invented in Germany, but the art of brewing became perfected. There are in Germany about five thousand different kinds of beer that are made in 1300 breweries. A great diversity is unique in the world. And that while beer according to the German ‘Reinheitsgebot’, only the classic ingredients of water, malt, hops and yeast may contain.

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More than half of the breweries is located in Bavaria, but also in North rhine-Westphalia is plenty of beer made. The beers range from “Kölsch” in Cologne and ” Alt ” in the nearby Dusseldorf to the beers of large and numerous small breweries in all parts of the state.

Many large breweries during tours or seminars a glimpse into the traditional bierbrouwersambacht. Dortmund says the brewery museum at 1,100 square feet, everything about the brewing of beer. The Altstadt in Düsseldorf with more than 260 pubs and restaurants called ‘the longest counter in the world’. In authentic, cozy cafés, restaurants and gourmet restaurants, some of which are among the best in the world, you can discover how good beer is and in particular the bovengistende Altbier tastes.

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