North Korea: ‘Rakettest it was a warning to South Korea

The rocket, which North Korea Thursday in the direction of the Sea of Japan laps, had a warning for the neighboring country of South Korea. That said, the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, in a statement through the state news agency KCNA.

The country is firing on Thursday of two short-range missiles off the area from the eastern coastal city of Wonsan. The launch, according to the KCNA, “well, personally, organized by” Kim, “as part of the machtsdemonstratie to be a big wake-up call to the South Korean army to give up.”

The North Koreans would like the south to stop the import of weapons and to denounce the military exercises in the neighbouring country, will soon be working together with the United States of america wants to keep it. According to the state news agency found that exercises that place, “despite repeated warnings” from North Korea.

In south Korea, and the US is like North Korea’s abandonment of all nuclear weapons. Discussions on this matter between He and Kim have contributed in the past, February has nothing on the rocket launch on Thursday, it seems that the light is also not a good sign at all. “We will be forced to use powerful weapons, develop the potential and direct threat to our national security in the south, to eliminate it,” according to the North Koreans.

Kim is a new type of missile to have shot down 600 kilometres further on there is the earlier models.


Summary: the antagonism between the koreas was


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