North Korea opens ski resort, in mountain, spa tourism

to connectVideoKim Jong-Un in North Korea to push tourism, it will open a ski resort and mountain spa

The Heritage Foundation’s senior research fellow and former CIA deputy chief for the koreas, ” Bruce Klingner, talks about North Korea’s goal is to have the land as a family vacation spot.

In an effort to promote “a high civilization under socialism,” due to the holidays, the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un has officially called for a new ski resort and mountain spa in the South pyongan Province.

On Saturday, Kim, cut the ribbon to the Yangdok Hot Spring, Cultural, Recreation Center, during a ceremonial opening. The resort’s ski slopes, natural hot springs, spa’s, horseback-riding park, and the red-tiled roofs of the hotels were full of pride to be shown on the state TELEVISION antenna, and the images, the Associated Press reported.

During the ceremony, Kim thanked the soldiers for the making of a miracle, and the perfect construction” within a year, in order to help promote the ruling party’s efforts to guide people in the modern society,” each member state of the media report.

The north Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, center, cuts the ribbon at a ceremonial opening of the Yangdok Hot Spring Cultural and Recreation Center.
(Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP)


Thousands of soldiers, flag-waving citizens, and children in the united to be able to welcome Kim to the site. As the nation’s leader, it was all smiles on the big day, as he toured the Yangdok area, a visit to the ski area and equestrian park, by the Korean Central news agency (KCNA.)

“(Kim), barely suppressed his good fortune, saying that it is possible to provide people with a new culture, as well as a plan for the y with our selection of high civilization under socialism, and as early as possible, it is true,” KCNA reported.

An undated image of the Yangdok Hot Spring Cultural and Leisure Center in the South Pyongan Province of North Korea. Independent journalists have no access to, and coverage of the event portrayed in this picture distributed by North korea’s government.
(Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP)

In the Yangdok, the complex is one of Kim’s major projects, to join the ranks of other mountain resort’s facility and recently in the northern town of Samjiyon in the summer, the resort will be located in the city of Wonsan near the coast.


In a broader sense, North Korea has requested that South Korea is to break the hotels and other facilities in the Northern part of the Diamond Mountain resort, and after Kim’s statement that the nation would be restoration of the site on it’s own.

The news broke after a few months of frustration at the South’s refusal, in the face of U.S.-led sanctions, and, again, South Korean tours to the site that are delayed after a North Korean guard fatally shot a South Korean tourist in 2008.

Tourism has been ruled out of the tough sanctions in the U. N. security council has imposed on the North over its nuclear weapons program, which includes a total ban on the export button, such as coal, textiles, and fish, and the strict limits on oil imports.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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