North Korea expects huge food shortage in 2019 and half rations

North Korea is expected this year, a scarcity of 1.4 million tonnes. The government of the country has the food rations for the population almost halved. That is in a memo from North Korea to the UN, which is accessed by news agency Reuters.

The rations according to the document, reduced from 550 grams to 300 grams per day per person.

The memo comes in advance of the scheduled second meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Us president, Donald Trump. That should be on 27 and 28 February to take place in the city of Hanoi in Vietnam and will focus on kernontwapening on the Korean peninsula.

According to the North Korean government to the food shortages due to high temperatures, drought, flooding, and UN sanctions against the country.

That sanctions for North Korea a stake in negotiations over the shutdown of the North Korean nuclear weapons programme.

Heavier sanctions since 2006

The UN Security council has the sanctieregime against North Korea since 2006, more stringent in an attempt to cover the financing of the nuclear weapon and missile programmes to stop. Nevertheless, the Asian country has intercontinental ballistic missiles, and operating nuclear weapons production.

A spokesman for the UN said Thursday that the existing food aid programmes, with a lack of funds camps.

The UN and other aid agencies last year estimated that only a third of the six million North Koreans, who need to have support. A call for almost 100 million euros led to around a quarter of that amount.

The UN estimates that about 10.3 million North Koreans, nearly half of the population, hulpbehoeftig. About 41 percent of the population of the country is according to who estimates, malnutrition.

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