“Non-western” inhabitants and fear the more to break-in

Nearly one-quarter of the non-western population feels it is sometimes unsafe in their own neighborhood. That is true for only 15 per cent of people with a Dutch background.

Also estimate the “non-western” people to have their chance of being a victim are higher, according to figures published by statistics netherlands on the basis of the “security survey” in 2016.

14 percent, to eight, the chance of (very) large in order to be in 2016, within a year of becoming a victim of a break-in. For people with a particular background in mind, this is 8 per cent. In addition, nearly 12 per cent of the non-western people is that they are at the door and not open it. This is for a small 8% of the native background.

It also gives them a group of people more likely to be victims of property crimes, such as burglary or robbery. In 2016, and have done so for 16 per cent of the non-western population, as compared to 11 per cent of people with a Dutch background.

There was no difference found between the two groups with respect to being a victim of violence, and vandalismedelicten.

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