‘NOC*NSF should traumahulp offer abuse’

‘NOC*NSF should traumahulp offer abuse’

NOC*NSF, the needs of victims of sexual abuse in the sport traumabehandeling offer.

That says Iva Bicanic, head of the National psycho-trauma centre of the UNIVERSITY medical centre Utrecht, Saturday in De Volkskrant. Like other experts, she says that sexual abuse in the sport has it’s own character which, in most cases, never comes out.

Victims tell in the testimonials in the newspaper that the strong bond between the pupil and the shame about this ensures that many of the victims are a life long on the abuses in silence. The blindelingse trust that parents have in youth coaches and facilitators are bears here, too.

“Within the sport play several different mechanisms that result in the abuse long undiscovered remains,” says Bicanic. “A perpetrator builds first a relationship with a child and his parents.”

The familial relationship makes for a loyaliteitsconflict. The child is according to the psychologist, worried that his environment to him will not believe. He makes a comparison with abuse in the family circle, that also often late coming out.


NOC*NSF says victims professional help will offer. The dome recently announced that the sexual abuse in sport studies. How they help exactly go offer is still viewed. “It is not that we will say: thank you for your message, go to the doctor”, says a spokesperson of NOC*NSF.

The reason for the investigation of sexual abuse in sport is the clerical-abuse scandal in England, where dozens of soccer clubs are involved. In november trading ex-footballers, including ex-pros, to the outside with the announcement that she has been abused by trainer Barry Bennell of the club Crewe Alexandra.

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