NOC*NSF is wearing Van Zanen-Nieberg, as a successor chairman Bolhuis

Anneke van Zanen-Nieberg was nominated for André Bolhuis on to according as chairman of NOC*NSF, the netherlands olympic sports committee Wednesday known.

The 55-year-old Van Zanen was previously on the board as treasurer. The board of directors of the sports association relies on the judgment of a confidential committee.

In theory, associations with opponents run out, but because they are wide are represented in the commission until the choice came, that is highly unlikely. On april 15, following a formal vote by the members at an extraordinary general meeting of members.

Van Zanen is chairman of the board of directors, Baker Tilly Netherlands, a company in financial services. That feature gives them. Prior to this she was working as director general, audit service Empire. She has a handbalverleden at the Hague HV Hellas, where she also was the president.

Van Zanen speaks of a great honor. “I hope that the sports federations during the general meeting, the confidence in me to speak, so that we together afterwards, and in connection with the government, the business community and the social environment, powerful can continue to build the sport in the Netherlands.”

Bolhuis was announced in October after nine years to swing. ()

Bolhuis stops after nine years as chairman

The 72-year-old Bolhuis was announced in October that he in may after a nine-year stop as president of the Dutch sports association. The former hockey player is approaching the maximum term as a director.

Bolhuis since the end of 2007 member of the board of NOC*NSF and was on 18 may 2010, chairman as the successor of Erica Terpstra. At the general meeting on 20 may 2019, he will be forced to resign.

With his departure after eleven years with the NOC*NSF remains the born Zeistenaar within the maximum duration of twelve years as a director. He would, according to the articles of association until november 2019 and could remain, but chooses to half a year earlier.

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