Nobel Peace prize goes to Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed Ali

The Nobel Peace prize was on Friday awarded to the Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, as the Norwegian nobel committee on Friday in Oslo, the well-known.

The 43-year-old politician is due to the committee is commended for its efforts to promote peace and international co-operation to achieve its objectives, in particular by the initiative for a long-running dispute with neighbouring Eritrea, for example, to solve the problem.

The border between Ethiopia and Eritrea began in 1998 and closed due to a fierce battle between the two countries, which had come into existence since There are by Ethiopia, had been partitioned off. Abiy Ahmed and his Eritrean counterpart Isaias Afwerki opened in september of 2018 and beyond the state border.

The relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea was established in July of that year, is recovered. The leaders signed a peace declaration in which they stated that the relations between the two countries and would like to recover.

The Norwegian nobel committee praised the prime minister is also due to the important reforms in his country: “This will give many people the hope of a better life and a better future. Abiy Ahmed as the prime minister for reconciliation, solidarity and social justice.”

@AbiyAhmedAli The Norwegian Nobel Committee believes that it is now, that’s Abiy Ahmed’s efforts deserve recognition and need encouragement. The committee hopes that the 2019 #NobelPeacePrize will strengthen the Prime Minister, Abiy, in his important work for peace and reconciliation.

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Abiy Ahmed will be honoured

Abiy Ahmed will be honoured, and really pleased with the award, as he has the nobel committee let me know. “Thank you so much,” he said into the phone. “This is the price that Africa has given to the Children. I can imagine that the other African leaders to positively respond to and work to bring peace to the earth.”

“This is a victory and recognition for the collective victory of all Ethiopians, and it is a call to those of us striving to make Ethiopia a wealthy nation, and for every strength,” reported the office of the prime minister earlier in the day with a first response.

The prestigious award has been in existence since 1901

The Nobel Peace prize has been in existence since 1901 and is awarded annually to the person or entity who, in the past year were the most engaged in the peace.

During the past year, the most prestigious prize to Congolese gynecologist Denis Mukwege, and Nadia, In, the victim of a rape. She also received the prize assigned for their fight against gender-based violence during wars and armed conflicts.

Before it went to the Nobel Peace prize for, among others, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Mother Theresa.

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The price will be in december, to be awarded

The price will be, as usual, in december, to be awarded at the city hall in the Norwegian capital city of Oslo, norway. The other Nobel prizes are awarded by various Swedish university committees, and the ceremony will take place in Stockholm, sweden.

Earlier this week, the Nobel prizes for Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, astronomy, and Literature are awarded. On Monday it is announced that the Nobel prize in Economic Sciences, is given.


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