No victims more in hospital after explosion in New York

No victims more in hospital after explosion in New York

All of the people that Saturday night by the explosion in New York were injured, the hospital now abandoned.

According to the governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, will be a thousand additional agents deployed to patrol bus stations, airports and metro stations.

With the explosion in the New York district of Chelsea were 29 people injured, mainly by flying debris. Most injuries seem to fall, but according to the police has one person heavier injuries sustained.

On 27th Street was a second explosive found; a pressure cooker with wires. The American authorities are going out of a conscious act, but do not think of international terrorism.

Institution for the blind

The explosion took around 20.30 hrs (local time) place on 23rd Street, the door of an institution for the blind. Some car windshields were killed and according to a neighbor was the bang “deafening”. It is unclear what the explosion has caused, but according to several American media exploded a trash can.

The explosive that was found on 27th Street, is reminiscent of the explosive that was used for the bombing at the Boston marathon in 2013. Three people died in that attack to life.

Wounded by explosion in New York

In the Chelsea district of Manhattan in New York its Saturday night dozens of people were injured by an explosion on the street.

In the trendy neighborhood of Chelsea on 23rd Street around 20.30 hrs (local time), a loud bang is heard. According to several American media blew up an explosive that was hidden in a trash can

There is no evidence that the explosion has a link with terrorism. That left New York city mayor Bill de Blasio know during a press conference. However, he says that it is likely going to be “a conscious act”.

Firefighters are working around the spot of the explosion.

The emergency services are massively present in Chelsea and have a few streets around the site of the explosion cordoned off.

Heavily armed agents to keep the situation in the holes.
© New York, police

The night in New York is lit up by flashing lights.

The following morning, the police are still massively present.

The area of the explosion is still over utilized.

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