No Surrender would ‘pop in’ to a journalist Panorama at further publication

No Surrender would ‘pop in’ to a journalist Panorama at further publication

Members of No Surrender would when a journalist Mylène de la Haye “pop” as editor-in-chief of Panorama Frans Lomans no contract would be signed stating that there is not more written would be about the motorcycle club.

That says Lomans in a conversation with as a result of an article in NRC.

Lomans got in 2014 visit of two members of No Surrender on his study of the Dutch magazine Panorama, in Hoofddorp. They made to him during that conversation, clearly that stopped there had to be publishing articles about the motorcycle club. “You can be someone different ways to threaten,” says Lomans. “They were in any case clearly not to leave without me the contract to sign.”

“They also hinted in the direction of my reporter (De la Haye ed.). They were at her stop if I the contract would not be signed. That I was done.”


In the contract, that is to be found on the Facebook page of Klaas Otto, the former leader of No Surrender, it says that Panorama is not allowed to publish about the motorcycle club. Lomans had here in the record that a final paper would be written. This piece came in the end not, after Otto this on “high tone” had required of Lomans.

On the question of whether that call threats are expressed says Lomans that there are “explicit and implicit comments are made in the direction of Mylène”. Lomans do not want to elaborate on what comments these were


Lomans has never considered the declaration to do so, because he this incident describes as a part of the box. “That is not something you do as a journalist. Or they should be with kalashnikov’s for your door. You know that if you misdaadverslaggeving do, you have some people against the grain instrijkt.”

Lomans says that it is also never really threatened to have felt after the visit of No Surrender. Extra security he has never considered. He does have the police spoken to, but was curious as to how some of the articles about the motorcycle club had developed in connection with their investigation into No Surrender. “When is that conversation here (Hoofddorp eds.) has taken place or been discussed.”

Panorama has never stopped writing about No Surrender. “We still have a time got a letter from the lawyer stating that we have a penalty of five thousand euro, had to pay because we are an article had been written. I’ve e-mailed how the contract had come and when I have ever heard. Also not No Surrender.”

The Public Ministry says in a comment that there is an investigation into how the contract is concluded.

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