No signs of extra-terrestrial life, the closest to that of the 1,300-star rating, the study said, ” We are left with no candidates

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We called E. T., but it’s just rang and rang.

A detailed study of a number of organizations, such as the one funded by the Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, no evidence was found of the existence of extra-terrestrial life is more than 1,300 of the stars in the vicinity of the Earth, a hunt that lasts for more than 3 years of age.

“After the exclusion of events with properties consistent with those of the earth cause radio frequency interference, we are left with no other candidates,” the study reads.


Published in The Astrophysical Journal, the study looked at 1,327, stars close to the Earth, and it did not find any “obvious” evidence of extra-terrestrial life, University of California, Berkeley, astrophysicist, Danny Price, said in an interview with Live Science. “It is not an amazingly advanced civilizations that are trying to get in touch with us in a very powerful transmitter.”

Although it is disappointing that the search did not yield any signs of life, to be added to the Price and that it is possible to search the wrong frequencies for you to listen to or the signals are blocked by radio interference on the Earth.

One thousand, one hundred and thirty-eight stars have been observed using the Green Bank telescope in West Virginia, on 1.10–1.90 GHz and 1.80–2.80 GHz receivers. Of the remaining 189 of the stars were observed with the Parkes telescopes in New South Wales, Australia, and more than 2.60 to 3.45 GHz.

“Taken together, these observations constitute the most comprehensive survey for the radio-evidence of advanced life-around the nearest stars have ever been undertaken, and the improvement of the results of Enriquez et al. (2017) and in both the sensitivity and the number of the stars,” the researchers wrote in the study.

She goes on to say: “taken Together with other recent work on the revival of the SETI community, we are beginning to have a strict and clearly defined limitations on the conduct of advanced life in the universe. It should be noted that a major additional observational and theoretical work remains to be done before we are in a position to make general statements about the prevalence of technology is one of a kind.”

All In all, the team is considered to be a 1-petabyte of data and is composed of 219 terabytes of data. The data will be made available to the public and can be found here.


He is currently the co-founder and former ceo of the internet company and who is the founder of venture capital firm DST Global, which has invested in tech giants like Facebook and Alibaba, and is actively involved in the Breakthrough Initiative, a 10-year project with $ 100 million in funding, in the hope of finding extra-terrestrial life through the use of technosignatures.

A technosignature is defined as “any measurable property or effect that it provides scientific evidence of past or current technology.”

In the past, Milner has suggested ideas, such as the build-up of thousands of tiny stars, and chips to move in the direction of our nearest neighbor, Alpha Centauri, in an effort to find out that a solar power system.

The results of your Property back, the research may only be a few days after a separate study suggested the intelligent life outside the Earth may be fewer than first thought. The definition of a “habitable zone” – the distance between the planet and the star is likely to be limited in comparison with that of the microbial life”, and the parameters for complex life are far more rigorous.

In March, a separate report has been published, he said that, in the presence of carbon monoxide, it can be a very promising “biosignature” of the existence of alien life forms and the scientists might want to consider it, in spite of the potential advantages and disadvantages.


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