‘No question of animal cruelty on the set of A Dog’s Purpose’

‘No question of animal cruelty on the set of A Dog’s Purpose’

During the filming of the movie A Dog’s Purpose no animals are mistreated. That is the conclusion reached by the American Humane Association (AHA) after research. A movie that showed that a German shepherd against his sentence in the water is being pushed for a stunt, led to uproar.

The AHA was on the set responsible for the protection of the animals on the set, reports TMZ. In the statement on Friday (local time) came out, it is mainly the creator of the movies is blamed for deliberately present a false image to show.

On one of the movies was to see that a trainer with a dog in the water, pushes. The other movie shows the dog swimming in the swirling water and not is extracted. The researchers conclude that the films at different times and from different angles are filmed and therefore is doubting the intentions of the maker.

The AHA admits that the trainer that the dog on one of the videos in the water push, this cleaner was able to do. He also had the signals of stress faster to recognize. The AHA late in the statement to know that the dog in February has been checked and that everything is going well with him.

After the films were published by the entertainmentsite called animal rights organisation PETA for a boycott of the film. Even before the film premiered, was A Dog’s Purpose, that tells the story of a dog who grows up at the man, already dozens of negative reviews on filmsite IMDB.


As a precaution, went to the premiere and interviews with the press. “We don’t want this film about the beautiful relationship between man and animal is overshadowed by the incident,” said producer Universal in a statement.

A producer of the film believes, however, that the dog against his sentence has been used and suggested earlier that the AHA had to intervene. Against TMZ says he to believe that AHA research is not objective, because the organization is involved in the film studios.

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